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Last week we once again participated in one of my most favorite fall activities ever, apple picking! As this was April's first time apple picking, we made sure to capture all of the fun. Even though the weather was much warmer than last year's apple picking adventures, we had just as much fun!

This year we picked Empire apples, which is fitting as April is new to the Empire State. Empires are crisp, juicy and DELICIOUS! 
April and I plan to make a lot of apple dishes in the upcoming weeks.

Isn't my best friend beautiful??

Many people ask me how it is to have a roommate while married with a husband. I tell you its just like college all over again. April and Joe have known each other for the same amount of time Joe and I have known each other. We are a little happy family, and it's odd without her being here this past weekend…COME BACK!

So, so thankful for this girl! 

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October 2012

October 2014

The two women in those pictures may have a lot of things in common, but are also quite different.
These two pictures were taken almost exactly two years apart. The same tree in the same neighborhood with the same goofy pose.

See anything different in the two pictures?

How about that the tree two years ago was much more fragile, almost juvenile. Yellow in color, showcasing its timid beauty, unaware of what it can eventually become.

The tree you see circa 2014?
The branches are wider, appears stronger and is boasting a confident hue of golden orange.
Can you feel the resemblance being shoved thrown your way?

That woman in the picture has also changed; matured, grown more confident in her branches.

October 2012:
Joe (fiancé at the time ) and I had just received the news that our lives were about to be turned upside down. Joe had been offered his dream job in a tiny town in upstate New York.
We knew it was an offer out soon to be family couldn't turn down.
I still reflect on that month a lot.
We were only weeks away from our wedding, making huge life changing decisions all while I seemed to keep my cool. Something I was never good at.
I still believe it was foreshadowing of our auspicious future.

When we arrived to Albany, the plan was to stay for less than 48 hours and our mission was to find the place we would be calling "home" for our next foreseeable future. Talk about pressure.
All we had was good old google search, a gps and a far too light jacket.

I remember sitting in the hotel room and together, Joe and I had made the decision on an apartment and signed a two year lease. Two years?!?! What a huge commitment for a place I had only seen once.
Talk about some faith, or the fact we were running on fumes because the wedding was all that was consuming the free space of our minds.

October 2014
As you may know from hanging around these parts, Joe and I love our new "home" which I still refer to as new, or "we just moved up here".
But what I love even more is the person I've become, the marriage Joe and I have solidified, and the roots we have planted, and the story that we are growing.

It's no surprise that we eventually plan to call Texas home again, but right now?
These two years have taught priceless lessons and we have planted roots that I want to dig deeper…for now.
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//Truth. Our trees are starting to turn as seen above
//Truth. I've been bad at blogging around these parts…which just means I've been having too much fun.
//Truth. I despise shopping at Walmart. But it's cheap and close. Womp.
//Truth. I'm loving these free iPhone wallpapers!
//Truth. I have a hidden Pinterest board filled with baby stuff…I keep it hidden because I don't want someone suddenly thinking I'm pregnant.
//Truth. The beginning of October I'm getting my butt into gear and doing my first "challenge". It's the 21 day fix challenge by Beachbody. I can eat real food…SOLD
//Truth. I'm trying really hard not to decorate for Fall until October for the sheer fact that I'm sad to see Summer go. However, Fall decor and wardrobes are the best so I'm quickly failing.
//Truth. I'm really missing home, and I don't think we will be able to go home until after Christmas.

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