NYC Christmas


As you read this, Joe and I are making our way down to the city to check off a bucket list item of ours. 
We are beyond excited to see Andrea Boccelli perform and the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Plaza. 
lots of Christmas excitement. The last time I was in the city around the holidays was for my 21st birthday many Januarys ago.
Seeing the tree in it's prime, along with all of the winter markets makes me giddy as I type this. 

We had planned on attending the Rockefeller lighting this year, but things fell through due to pesky work schedules. 
Seeing the crowds of thousands via the TV reminded me it was probably for the best. 

Christmas Tree made out of wine bottles
my kind of tree...
NYC Christmas Bucket List
// The Rock Christmas Tree
// Holiday Window Displays: There is a whole "tour" dedicated to the outrageously decorated store window fronts.
// Iceskating in Central Park
// Radio City Music Hall Rockettes
// Holiday markets galore! I would love to check out the Brooklyn Pop-Up and of course the Winter Village at Bryant Park
// Holiday Under the Stars

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Advent 2014


This year I have attempted to make the Christmas season slow down, and really savor the true meaning of the season.
There are so many commercial distractions that really pull us from what Christmas is all about.

Growing up, Joe never celebrated Advent, so I have always found it special that our church home here in New York takes part in the Advent celebration.
To me, Advent really breaks down the magic of the weeks leading up to Christmas and why it truly is such a special time to be celebrated.
A lot of wisdom and scripture are shared throughout these weeks.

If you have yet to experience advent, I urge you to dig into some of the resources in these last days before Christmas.

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love// Terra Nova Church
|| Our church's spin on Advent. Each sermon has a corresponding devotional to reflect on over the week prior. I'm pretty partial to this one! ||
"O Come Let Us Adore Him"// She Reads Truth

|| A beautiful online Advent devotional series geared towards women. Easy to digest and makes it easy to come back for more each day. ||
Advent Series: Podcast Sermons// The Village Church
|| If you're more of a auditory learner, you can play one of these sermons and multitask at the same time. ||
Applicable Advent for the Whole Family// Awana Advent 2014
|| A daily Advent devotional that has different applications for families, couples, individual, early elementary, late elementary and Jr. and Sr. High School ||
Downloadable Advent Devotional// Desiring God
|| Desiring God is the curriculum we use for our Children's program at church and I love the truth that is brought out in each story. These are applicable devotions that can be shared with you family.  ||
DIY Advent// Oh My Deer
|| These are the verses I used to create our Advent calendar this year. A great compilation of some very important verses. ||

Take the time to be silent and reflect in the true meaning of Christmas. 
Don't let Jesus, though expected, go overlooked with your family this year.
Are you celebrating Advent this year? 

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Metaphorical Whiplash


Image via Always Rooney aka my new blog obsession

Oh dear little blog space of really do get the short end of the stick 9/10 times. I generally come to you frequently when I have a heavy heart, and often times leave you hanging during the pleasant and fast paced parts of life. After venting with a heavy heart, you leave me feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You rejoice with me as we shortly touch on the highs on this roller coaster called life.

Life has been so, so full of both high and heavy times lately.
Lately I feel as if whiplash could easily describe the swing of emotions I've experienced lately.
Sharp, painful, and easily takes your breath away.
The pain eases as kinks get ironed out, but as soon as you make a wrong move the spasms bring back a too easily forgotten pain that burns hot in the present.
All of which, in the metaphorical sense, leaves a girl feeling utterly out of control and powerless.

As pain begins to heal, scabs form a structure tough yet fragile, threatening to expose the raw emotion buried below.
Healing stirs more emotion...a passion born out of the only thing stronger than fear...Hope.
My dear friend Amber has taught me so, so much about hope.

My hope comes a power much larger than I.
My hope comes from a learned peace that I am not in control.
My hope comes from the promise of a future without pain and sickness.
My hope comes from a Man who died for me because of my sin...and shouldn't that be enough?

Where does your hope come from?
I ask for healing thoughts/prayers/vibes etc for a man who is near and dear in my life.
My Dad.
We are hoping for clarity and answers, but learning to settle in the peace that our Hope has given us.

Your "Baby Blue" loves you and I can't wait to be home soon!

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