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I tend to brag to others about how much I love our new "hometown", so I figured I would start showing you why. 

On the weekends I don't work, you can find me in downtown Troy at the farmers market. 
Even if I don't need the amazing produce they have to offer, I enjoy seeing farm to market entrepreneurs 
and secretly dream of a lifestyle of growing/producing my own income. 

Even after almost two years, I am still amazed at the difference in architectural design. 
Everything in the Northeast seems to me to be more ornate, stately yet simple at the same time. 
Yes I understand that these may be antonyms, but I enjoy the feel of it.
 The south is much more modern and rustic. I think "old" has a lot of charm. 

1// side street downtown Troy, Ny
2// fresh produce compliments of Troy's Waterfront Market
3// beautiful heirlooms
4// Albany, Ny State Capitol building

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Why I'm deleting Facebook


Guys…I must have missed them memo, but when did social media platforms suddenly become solely political platforms?

I'm over it. I seriously want to gag anytime I get on social media because it only appears to be a war zone of hateful responses.
I have most recently deleted the Facebook ap off of my phone because any time I scan news feeds,
it is most often filled with slandering and rants about other peoples beliefs.
What happened to that little thing called the Golden Rule?

New flash… your opinion isn't the only one, whether right or wrong.
Everyone is entitled to their own and the freedom to express such, but I don't think those who have died for our freedom wish for us to use it against each other.

If people want to be sad about Robin Williams death…LET THEM

If people want to promote the #icebucketchallenge for ALS…LET THEM

If a woman wants to homeschool her children…LET HER

If a father wants to be a stay at home dad…LET HIM

If people want to be vegetarian… LET THEM

If people want to eat meat at every meal…LET THEM

If people want to bring awareness to diseases across the world… LET THEM

If a cat wants to ride a vacuum wearing a shark costume… LET THEM

The beauty of this world is that we are not required to be a cookie cutter image of the person next to us.

What I am saying it that you don't have to have the same beliefs as the person sitting next to you, however we MUST stop attacking people with our words.
Remain humble and respectful of others opinions and decisions as there will always be different than someone else's.

I mean really…am I crazy? Is it so hard to just be nice?

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Pot Luck Roommate


The college I attended was only 20 minutes from home, which made it an attractive choice for some as a commuter school. I however wanted the full college experience while also staying close to home base. My best friend, who was attending college 3 hours away, and I decided to live in the dorms and go for "pot luck" roommates.

As I eagerly attended Freshman orientation, I was excited to meet the girls who would be living on my dorm's nursing interest group floor, as well as possibly be my roommates. I was incredibly shy as I had the same best friend since 2nd grade, and I wasn't the most outgoing when it came to meeting new people.
Both of which terrified me since I wouldn't be attending college with my best friend.

A few weeks later, our roommate assignments came in the mail and I crossed my fingers that out of the two other girls who I would be sharing a room with, at least one of them would be "normal". Don't you know as soon as I saw the names I jumped on Facebook to stalk creep on my newest cohabitants.
Both girls were cheerleaders at their local high schools…UGH. I hated reallllly disliked cheerleaders, as I was your punk kid who wore far too much eye liner, a Senses Fail band Tee and guys skater shoes…seriously. Great, I would have to deal with cheerleaders. Who knows what they must have thought of me!

 High School Emo Casey

As fate would have it, I found a best friend in one of my "pot luck" roommates. The other one, well we just won't talk about it. April and I have been inseparable ever since Freshman year of college. I will never forget after our first semester having to leave each other over Christmas break and we both just bawled our eyes out. To say I was lucky would be an understatement. I'm just thankful we both looked past the Facebook profile pictures and learned to love each other.

Why am I sharing this story?
This time next week, April and I will once again be roommates and I couldn't be more excited!!!! April is coming to live with Joe and I for some time (maybe forever?) over the next few months as she pursues travel nursing here in New York. I am so excited to have a piece of home here in New York with me. And I can't wait to share the trouble that we get into…like the good 'ol days.

 Oh yes we did...
See they get along just great

And now that you've had a flash into my past…get ready for some fun updates from me and my forever roommate! How's that for a #flashbackfriday

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