Lost shaker of salt


If you're reading this…I'm currently in flight to Cancun Mexico with this handsome stud.
 Jimmy Buffet may, or may not be on our Mexico playlist. Making my poppa proud!

Excited would be a definite understatement.
Why are we going to Mexico? To celebrate our second wedding anniversary!

While we are away…
-Check out Southern Sugar, a near and dear blog to me
-Reminisce with us about the best day of our lives.
-Be sure and follow along with us as we soak up the rays in Mexico via Instagram

When we come back…
-Be on the look out for my 21 day fix results and review…if it means anything to you, I'll be in a bikini this week and I'm pretty proud of the results!
-I'll tell you about a new job/opportunity that fell into my lap and I can't be more excited.
-Lots of beach pictures…what more could you ask for?

Hasta la vista!
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Official Mom Status


NO I'M NOT PREGNANT…but yes you should continue to read.

As I was driving home from work the other night, perusing through the lack of decent radio stations the lovely Capital District has to offer (not), there was a song on in the background which I recognized the chorus from previous channel surfing. As I turned up the song and listened to the lyrics, I was horrified with the words I was hearing.
I eat my dinner in my bathtub
Then I go to sex clubs
Watching freaky people getting it on
It doesn't make me nervous
If anything I'm restless
Yeah I've been around and I've seen it all

This catchy tune was one that proliferates the ears of thousands of impressionable kids/teens/adults/HUMANS (psssst that's you) daily.
What is it teaching them us?
This message sounds to me like these things are everyday ordinary OK things...

  • I get home, I got the munchies
    Binge on all my Twinkies
    Throw up in the tub, then I go to sleep
    And I drank up all my money
    Tasted kind of lonely

Alright, alright I'm officially mom status with that last comment, but seriously.
People are so quick to hate on my generation (myself included), but I can't help but think its from the pollution which has seeped into our minds across these few short decades. We are learning that emotions are not meant to be felt, but to be suppressed with drugs or sex.
Problems are no longer things we work through, but now accept as our fate.

  • Pick up daddies at the playground
    How I spend my day time
    Loosen up the frown, make them feel alive
    I make it fast and greasy
    I know my way too easy

And these new generations? Sheesh do we have any hope for them at all?
No I'm not prude, uptight, a parent, or one of those "radical religious folk"; I'm an individual with a platform who simply wants to express concern.
I picture my 4 and 5 year old Sunday school kiddos listening to music trash like this and it makes me sad.
Their innocence is taken away from them far too quickly and songs like this only encourage more of it.
  • Staying in my play pretend
    Where the fun ain't got no end
    Oh, can't go home alone again
    Need someone to numb the pain
    Oh, staying in my play pretend
    Where the fun ain't got no end
    Oh oh can't go home alone again
    Need someone to numb the pain

"Sure Casey, just change the station…what's so hard about that?"
You're right… BUT (and you know I always have a big one)
Why can't we say no to such vulgar songs on public radio which could easily be played on the school bus ride home to my 4 and 5 year old Sunday school kiddos?

Am I coming out of left field here? I would love to hear your thoughts! Had you heard this song before? Parts of this song are seriously disgusting and don't you think that should say a lot coming from a 25 year old from "that" generation. Think about it.

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Empire State of Mind


Last week we once again participated in one of my most favorite fall activities ever, apple picking! As this was April's first time apple picking, we made sure to capture all of the fun. Even though the weather was much warmer than last year's apple picking adventures, we had just as much fun!

This year we picked Empire apples, which is fitting as April is new to the Empire State. Empires are crisp, juicy and DELICIOUS! 
April and I plan to make a lot of apple dishes in the upcoming weeks.

Isn't my best friend beautiful??

Many people ask me how it is to have a roommate while married with a husband. I tell you its just like college all over again. April and Joe have known each other for the same amount of time Joe and I have known each other. We are a little happy family, and it's odd without her being here this past weekend…COME BACK!

So, so thankful for this girl! 

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