Salesman: What city do you live in?
Me: Rensselaer [Wrens-uh-leer]
Salesman: Oh you're not originally from here?
Me: *Blush* No sir. I just moved here from Texas.
Salesman: Ahh I thought I heard a Southern drawl, and the "sir" just did you in.

Oh how I thought I was going to blend in...wrong-o!
My Texas license plates don't help much either.
My new friend, the salesman, informed me that "natives" pronounce Rensselaer: [Wrens-lur] and quickly might I add.  He then proceeded to quiz me on the pronunciation of Schenectady [Skuh-neck-tuh-dee], and thankfully I redeemed myself on that one.

Has anyone in the South ever noticed the unique names and spelling of cities up North? No?
Well here is a taste test for you. See if you can pronounce these.

And enjoy this one...Schaghticoke...bless you.

This morning I woke up early (6:00am) for my first day of volunteering...stayed tuned for further posts on that...and it was 54 degrees and raining. As I left the house, my weather channel app warned me of strong winds 30-50mph. Whoa. Thank you weather channel...they were right! A scary 50mph wind at that. After volunteering, I walk out to my car and my weather channel app now tells me it's 39 degrees and dropping. Snow is forecasted for tomorrow...sigh. Don't get me wrong, I do love the snow and all its beauty. I don't like how you track it into your car, then your home, and I seem to shock myself on every object imaginable. Maybe I need a humidifier?

Cold front on its way in

The other night I treated my "roomie" to an old elementary days favorite recipe of mine. I'm not sure if my mom ever fixed this, but I do remember the Graves' household always served it and I loved it!

Irish Shepard's Pie
This recipe comes to you compliments of "Iowa Girl Eats"
Her tutorial was great, complete with step by step instructions for us visual learning folk. It turned out great! I will tell you that next time I will add a packet of Lipton onion soup mix to give it more of a savory taste. Or use beef broth instead of chicken, makes sense.

I would also whip my potatoes into garlic mashed instead of regular. But that is definitely a preference of the Aslan (and Freeman) household. WE LOVE GARLIC!
Again, I fell in love with my kitchen-aid mixer. Ladies and gents, I "mashed" my potatoes in less than 30 seconds. 
Can I get an amen? Butter and a dollop of sour cream were added as you can see in the photo.


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Enjoy! From our home to yours,

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  1. Bless you, Indeed.

    I, too, and a transplanted Texan (ok, I;ved here for 30 years but once a Texan, always a Texan, right?) and nwo that I live in rurla Connecticut, guess where my kids go to Middle School?
    Schaghticoke Middle School. (scat-a-coak)

    Where are our bluebells? I have a stash of Tex-Joy steak seasoning if you need some. :)


    (Visiting from a link from NE Bloggers and CT bloggers)

  2. "Ski-neck-taddy" - how my friend's college roommate pronounced Schenectady when she first moved here. That's a tough one, so I give you lots of credit for getting it right! As for me, I say wrensu-uh-leer, and I've lived here my entire life. Coeymans Hollow is another one that everyone screws up at first!