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Good morning from the chilly Northeast! It is currently 5 degrees with fresh snow on the ground.
Welcome back to the blog. Joe and I are officially residents of Rensselaer New York. It's a whole new world up here with adventures and journeys I can't wait to share. 

This blog will include tidbits of a multitude of things.
Updates on our newlywed lives. New recipes I've attempted in the kitchen. Outfits of the day, AKA #ootd for my fellow "hashtaggers". 
And anecdotes about living, loving and making memories in the great and extremely cold state of New York. 

First up: Snow, snow and more snow! Since I have arrived the average temperature has been about 17 degrees. A local news anchor claimed this is the coldest the upstate has seen in 4 years...great.

 View from our balcony. I am hoping to snap a picture like this for each season, yes I said each season. As in four throughout the year. Texans do not know of such seasons.

In today's post I wanted to treat readers to my first attempt at making a loaf of bread with our new Kitchen Aid Mixer that we received for a wedding present.

My first recipe came from "This Gal Cooks": Rosemary & roasted Garlic Bread. She has a wonderful blog full of easy recipes with great instructions here.

Doesn't this look like fun?



The end product was eventually a success, but a few tips for the novice housewife.

1st: Always use a dough hook when mixing most doughs, especially a yeast bread dough...duh right? 
I knew this, I was just so excited to use the mixer that all common sense flew out the window. 
Incorrect attachment
Correct dough hook attachment
2nd: Remove new wedding rings before having to remove dough mixture from incorrect attachment.
Hubby had to take over photography at this point because of uber "doughy" hands

Other mishaps included forgetting to roast the garlic in the beginning for my "roasted garlic bread" etc. Overall I successfully created a delicious loaf of bread that paired wonderfully with our Sunday roast which had been cooking in the crock for hours.

Do you remember your newlywed kitchen blunders? Feel free to share!

With love from New York and back,
The Aslans

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