Snowed In


Of course the first day I have a huge to-do list the New York skies decide to drop three inches of snow.  This Texan does not drive in snow...yet!
The plus side to this wintry mix is that Joe came home from work early because of road conditions and I accomplished some much needed apartment cleaning. 

This weekend was filled with a lot of shopping and prepping for Joe's first business trip which is coming up next week. Dockers, a suit and shirts galore were a few of the items added to his new professional wardrobe. After shopping until we dropped, we headed home, got "gussied" up and headed out on the town. Dinner was at the Albany Pump Station, which is a craft brewery that calls Albany home. 
They had great burgers and better beer! A must for any craft brew enthusiasts who come for a visit. 

A glimpse at our "gussied" up outfits and an introduction to the newest blog genre, outfit of the day (#ootd)

Rule #1 of outfit of the day (#ootd) posts:
Typical posts include links to websites where all articles of fashion can be found. This includes clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. 
Rule #2
Pictures include different angles of outfits and fashion.
Rule #3 
Hang in there, we are novice to this new genre of the blogging world. This was our pilot post and will adhere to said rules as we figure this out.

In other news, since Joe was home this afternoon, I decided to make garlic hummus. YUM!
This is my recipe from over the years and love to make for a healthy snack alternative.

1 can chick peas drained (set drained juice to the side you will need 1/4 cup for recipe)
1 lemon
2 cloves of garlic minced
1 heaping table spoon of Tahini (see link for description here)
2 Tablespoons EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) 
Garlic salt to season 

Place chick peas, tahini, garlic, chick pea "juice" and juice from whole lemon in food processor (I used the magic bullet). 
Pulse until smooth. Add EVOO in small amounts to achieve a creamier textured hummus. 

A lot of this recipe is made to your liking. If you want more garlic, throw it on in there!

Serve the hummus chilled with warm Naan (shown in above picture), fresh vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers, your favorite crackers, or pretzels. I usually drizzle a little bit of EVOO and garlic salt on the top of the hummus (see picture below)
Enjoy your healthier snacking alternative and stay tuned for more Albany Adventures!

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