Take-Out, Fake-Out Success


Another culinary creation success last night here in the Aslan Abode. This is a "Take-Out, Fake-Out" recipe from Table for Two , another wonderful blog with delightful recipes that are sure to be a hit at home.

Joe absolutely loves PF Changs! Back in Texas, when suggesting restaurants for weekend dates he would always include PF Changs. 
One of his favorite dishes is the Mongolian Beef.
Well ladies and gentleman, I about replicated it last night for dinner and it was delicious! 
Joe even said I should cook this dish for when the brothers come to visit. 
(Love brother points!)

Be sure to check out the link, so you may recreate this creation at home!

Picking out red meat is a new task for me. If ever I were to eat red meat, it would be at home, right off of dad's grill. Or it would be your everyday pound of good 'ol ground chuck. 
Boy did we have fun in the meat section at the grocery store. 
The recipe calls for flank steak, and sure enough not one package claimed itself flank steak. Being a novice hunter of red meat, I consulted Wiki for something similar to flank steak. London broil is what we ended up with. I suppose they are synonymous? Feel free to educate this gatherer. 
Now in the picture of the recipe you will see the meat looks thinly cut and at an angle...oh boy is right. 
Have no fear YouTube to the rescue. Find this helpful and quick tutorial here


The only tip I have for this dish other than the selecting and preparing of meat is, don't wait until your Mongolian Beef is almost complete before starting your basmati rice. 
If you made this mistake as I did, just make sure you use your third arm aka husband to continue to stir the Mongolian Beef so it wont clump and get too thick with the cornstarch.

Viola! Enjoy,
The Aslans

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  1. I love this!!!!!!!!!! London Broil is an expensive "red" meat. You can use round steak which is less expensive. I love the pictures of the ingredients and I am very curious about the ginger in a tube. Where did you get that?
    I love you sweetie.