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As promised, here is another post from Behind the Scenes at the wedding. First off I wanted to explain what exactly you can expect. The photos in these posts are to give readers an inside look at all the happenings that went on before the wedding and things that guests may not have been able to experience. They will not be the full album of pictures and they will often be candid pictures that have a hidden story behind them.
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"The First Look" 
I was extremely set on doing the first look with our photographer,  but Joe wasn't too keen on the idea.
I explained to Joe that I'm not a good "outward emotionalizer", meaning that I would not give him all of my raw emotion if it were to be in front of a large crowd. I'm not quite sure, but I think my tear ducts freeze in the spotlight or I'm shy to show my emotional side.
With the first look we were able to have a moment with just the two of us (extremely rare that day) to soak up each other's emotions. It was also a moment that brought us back to the whole meaning of the day.
It was just the two of us, embarking on this new adventure, which looks, smells, and sounds scary and down right terrifying at times.  But at the end of each day, it is just the two of us,
Joseph and Casey Aslan.

Our photographer made sure that we were back to back before the reveal,  which heightened our anticipation even more!
Here are our thoughts on this exact moment seen in the picture above.
Casey's thoughts: My heart was in my throat and my hands were shaking. It was silly to me, all the anticipation made me so nervous in front of my best friend. I remember thinking why am I so nervous? This is just Joe, this is the man who feels like home to me
Joseph's thoughts: "I remembering feeling like my throat was swelling and the coat was quickly becoming too small for me. My heart was racing, and it was hard to concentrate on breathing normally and keeping myself together. My face hurt from how much I was smiling."

On the count of three we turned around and faced each other.
I love these next two pictures because you get to see each of our reactions individually.

Casey's thoughts: His reaction was perfect and more than I had expected.The most distinct memory I have from this moment was seeing a huge vein pop out on Joe's forehead that I had never seen before. You could hear his breath catch and a his smile was the biggest I had ever seen.There was so much passion in his expression that it made me melt. And yes, a nurse would notice the large forehead vein first.
Joseph's thoughts: "This is my bride and how beautiful is she?!"

Casey's thoughts: The first thing I thought was WOW we are getting married today! And of course, goodness he is so incredibly handsome. This is my soon to be husband!
Joseph's thoughts: "The first thing she asked me was, am I beautiful for you? Am I pretty?"

This was the moment when I felt a huge sigh of relief. All the anticipation melted and I was in the arms of my protector and best friend. Everything was no longer scary or downright terrifying. I was home and felt like I could take on the world with this man at my side.

Joe says that he is glad we did the first look because a point that the pastor told us really sunk in. Pastor Brent told Joe that on our wedding day, you will see the moment Casey becomes your wife. Joe did not understand this comment until the first look.

Lets go backwards for a moment. In our premarital classes Joe and I had multiple books and assigned readings for us between classes. These books were all about marriage and relationships and what your partner is really thinking. In one of the books, written for the future husband, it explains that a little girl growing up is always seeking the approval of their dad or parents in general. An example is growing up and playing dress up. A little girl will twirl for her loved ones and seek approval of her beauty and talent. When a woman gets married and submits herself to her husband, it is now the husband's role to shelter, protect and encourage that little girl who is now "twirling for him" as she becomes his wife. The moment when I asked Joe "Am I pretty?" was the moment he knew he now held the place of what that little's girl's parents had done so long ago.

Hope you enjoyed our second Behind The Scenes post. What were some of your emotions on your wedding day? Did you do the first look?

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  2. found you via Casey! lovely idea and what a special memory that was captured.