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Get excited folks! We received our wedding photos in the mail this weekend from the lovely and beyond talented Stephanie Rose Photography.

I wanted to do a quick post with three pictures from the wedding and explain why I love them so much. This is to ease everyone into the photos and to not overload you at once.


These two pictures make me melt when I see them, and I'll let you know I cried and cried when I saw them for the first time. Here is the story behind these two photos.
The entire wedding day I did not see my dad because he was running errands and helping with the reception set up. My dad had seen me in my dress during the final fitting, but this was his first time to see me on my wedding day all "gussied up".
As you can see in the top picture, I was extremely anxious to see my dad because I didn't know what emotions would come from either of us (story of the entire day). The moment he saw me, we both burst into tears. I also love the reaction my mom has in the second picture. It shows raw emotion and that is what I love the most.

A dad and daughter bond is one that cannot be explained in words, but this picture just about does it. He has been the constant man and super hero in my life and my wedding day was very bittersweet. He was no longer the only man who deserved my affection and attention. He will never be replaced in my heart and what I love so much is that every day Joe will do something that reminds me exactly of my dad. I just smile and understand why Joe feels like home to me.

Now this picture isn't the most romantic or stunning of myself, but man does it tell a story. This is "the moment". The moment where, without warning it hit me that I was about to be a married woman. I would be walking down the aisle to my husband who had never seen me in a beautiful white dress like the one I was wearing. 
Anxiety overcame me and my poor mom had to calm me down to keep me in that dress. I suddenly felt like I couldn't breathe and that there was no way I would walk down that aisle without passing out. 
No, I didn't have cold feet. I was anxious that I was about to be the wife of this amazingly perfect man. I had thoughts like, would I be able to be the perfect wife? Would I fill the shoes his wonderful mom had raised him in? Would I live up to his and God's expectations as a wife?
Thankfully my mom and wonderful bridesmaids were able to calm me down with a few good laughs and a couple bottles of water. Phew I'm entirely indebted to them all.

And no, I did not pass out and I did stay in that beautiful dress!

I'll be posting many more behind the scenes of wedding photos posts.

Happy Sunday,
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  1. I think I just learned to comment on here! LOVE all of this! LOVE and miss you!!!

  2. Casey
    This is beautiful. The pictures, the memories and most of all you, my sweet daughter.

  3. So sweet! Congratulations on your marriage and thank you for linking up!

  4. Those three pictures speak volumes!! I love them! Like you said it is pure raw emotion. I love when photographers can capture that photos. I found your blog on the link up Family Fridays. This post was super sweet. Can't wait to read more!


    1. Thank you for stopping by Talisha! We absolutely loved our photographer!