Since I have no interest in this years Super Bowl I figured I would blog while the hubs roots for the 9'ers.

Joe and I had some great conversation this weekend. We talked about how our relationship has changed in these past three months and what we are thankful for. The main theme we came up with was compromise. Throughout the engagement everyone, I mean everyone told me that compromise would be the biggest difference in our relationship. And guess what...they were RIGHT! Imagine that. While out to dinner last night, Joe listed the areas in which he felt I had compromised to his needs and then vice versa. And the list is as follows

I have compromised/sacrificed by:
Giving up eating the tomatoes and mushrooms I so dearly love.
Buying Log Cabin syrup...yes this was quite a compromise for me.
Furniture placement in the front room...don't get us started.
Staying in on weeknights.
Giving up the chick-flicks and TLC watching I once adored.
No throw pillows on the bed.
Banking system.

How Joe has compromised/sacrificed
Placement of furniture in master bedroom.
Limited bathroom space.
Wiping face/hands on towels after washing...yes this has been difficult
Putting the toilet seat down.
Using the -free- gym at the apartment
Buying checks with carbon copy duplicates.
Attending a church that he thinks will help me grow spiritually even though its not the traditional he is used to.

Ok so none of this is anything worthy of life altering moments, but it is definitely a change we are embracing in our lives. I never thought compromise would come down to the cereal I choose at the grocery store.
Overall I feel that the compromise is in every aspect of my life thinking what do WE need, want, enjoy? Which is very different from what I want and enjoy sometimes.
Anyway, that was for everyone who would like to know the answer to "how does it feel to be married"?

Since I really just enjoy making the dinner and super bowl snacks, I'll share what I made tonight.
This recipe comes to you from the kitchen of my Momma.
An old favorite, Hot Artichoke Dip.

Extremely unhealthy, but definitely a crowd pleaser!

It was so delicious, that Joe and I ate almost the entire plate and definitely spoiled our dinner.

Some things to look forward to in upcoming posts:
Product reviews and our first legitimate Outfit of the day post. The hubs and I had fun outside with the camera today in preparation for the next post. Stay tuned!
Sneak peak

Happy Sunday, from our home to yours.

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