God Bless Texas


What a wonderful weekend here in the Aslan abode. We had our first set of visitors here in the Capitol Region! 
Joe's older brother, Jon, and his friend Mike flew into Albany to "pass through" before heading to Maine for a ski trip. 

 They were such good sports. It was 21 degrees, windy and felt like 9 degrees! I couldn't let them visit the Capitol Region without seeing our beautiful NY capitol!
We also visited Albany's musts:

It wouldn't be a visit from Jon without a few games of Catan! 

Our other wonderful visitor was my one and only April Nicole! I had been missing home and especially my girls, so this was a wonderful treat to have her under the Aslan roof this weekend! I almost didn't let her go, and the snow almost helped me make that happen, but no such luck!
April flew into Boston (much cheaper) and we explored my favorite city in the Northeast! Thankfully is was sunny and mid 30's so it was a beautiful day to venture around.
We visited Boston's musts:
Do you know the importance behind the Old North Church? This church was where the lanterns were hung "twoeth by sea" to warn the American people that the "British are coming, the British are coming!"
Actual lantern from the night of Paul Revere's ride. 

Dog Tag memorial honoring those fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Amazing Farmer's market with insanely inexpensive produce! YUM!

Back in Albany we ventured out to one of our favorite restaurants "City Hall Beer"
To ride the Bull...very Texan of us. And to celebrate "National Margarita Day" with a great craft brew!

We then checked out The Barrel Saloon for a little two-stepping and interesting people watching! Texan's are definitely the best two-steppers!
God Bless Texas!

A taste of home was definitely refreshing and I must say, Joe and I are worn out this Sunday evening after hosting an extremely eventful weekend!

Thank you for visiting! Stay tuned for tomorrow's "Behind the Scene's" post with more wedding pictures. If you are a fellow blogger who is wanting to get your name out, post a comment with your blog web address so others can enjoy your work. 

Happy Oscars watching,

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  1. Love love love this!!! This weekend was amazing!! love you both!

    1. We had a blast! And I keep kicking myself because we find more and more things to show you so Joe just says: Put it on the April list!

  2. Just stumbled onto your blog! I'm the opposite....born in the northeast (Central PA) and moved to TX in 2000. My then fiance/now husband followed me and we've lived in North Texas ever since!

    1. We are the opposite! Do you miss the Northeast? We are definitely missing the warmth of the South. Enjoy North Texas for us! Looking forward to reading your blog.

  3. So glad you had a good time with Jon and April. I miss all your friends too!! I told Daddy that we didn't just lose you and Joe we lost the brothers and your friends!! Missing you so much Casey and Joe!!