Nothing says welcome to winter like "Worst blizzard since '78". I am thankful to say that we survived the "storm" and received 5-6 beautiful inches of snow. Joe was able to come home from traveling early, our electricity remained on, our cars were parked underground, and I now have a backdrop that looks a little like this.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say I didn't draw the short stick on this one! I still feel like a giddy small child who, every morning, wakes up and heads straight to the window to make sure the snow is still there. 
Friday morning we woke up and just couldn't wait to play in the snow. We bundled up as best as we know how and took a few pictures while we were at it. Between the two of us we had one set of "proper" snow attire. 
  • I had the waterproof boots, and beanie, but no waterproof gloves or pants. 
  • Joe had the waterproof pants and gloves, but no waterproof shoes or a beanie. Yet he was still the one diving head first into the snow...boys!

So here is where I get sappy and for those allergic to sappy, just pass on by and look at the next cool pictures. I promise I won't be too long.

I just want to say that I think, no I know that I am the luckiest woman in the world. I have a man who is selfless, patient, hardworking, driven,  a God fearing Christian, and an awesome best friend/teammate. He puts up with my emotional shenanigans, promotes my individuality and just smiles when I do something dorky. Not to mention I think he is pretty handsome, but I'm sure I'm partial.

I know that men can seem like they are from an entirely different and foreign planet, but you know what? They were designed and wonderfully made in that way. Each day I am in awe of our differences, but in the end I am thankful I'm not married to someone who is wired, or weird like I am...phew!

Throughout our premarital classes we explored a lot of tricky areas where at times I just wanted to scream "who are you and why do you think that way"? I often asked our pastor why in the world would God make us so completely different? Is it a cruel joke?
Pastor Brent just laughed and said unfortunately it is no joke. Joe was made perfectly and correct in all his ways. He said that if he wasn't made the way he was, then I wouldn't grow in to the woman I was intended to grow and mature into.  When I look back at it, he is 110% correct! Without Joe I'm sure I would be a pile of mush on the side of some road...not really, but pretty darn close.

Alright enough rambling and mushy sap. Here he is, my wonderfully and perfectly made husband.

Handome right?

Beanie: Joe's from Old Navy, Scarf: Old, Necklace: Sterling Silver Monogram necklace (similar), Pea Coat: Wilson's Leather (loving this one), Leggings: Love Culture (wanting these, and these) Boots: Sorel (these but found at the outlet mall for MUCH cheaper). 

Excited that we will start having guests in town pretty soon. I'm needing home right now, so I can't wait to enjoy their company!
Stay tuned for more culinary creations and what I do every Thursday morning, coming to you later this week!

From our home to yours,

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P.S.  Any thoughts on the new layout of the blog? Harder or easier to read?Aesthetically pleasing? Come on, don't make me beg you for a comment or two!

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  1. Sweetheart, I just love this!!! You are an amazing woman and I know that Joseph is happy to be your amazing husband that God created him to be!!
    The blog is terrific--keep it coming, it makes me less lonely for my first born child.