The Purrfect Day


Happy Valentine's Day to all of my lovely readers!
I suppose my last post was enough mush and gush to last until next Valentine's Day right? Nahh, but I won't drown you in sappy love this time.

Since I've been in Albany, I have been trying to find ways to get connected in the community, and out of the house during the week while Joe is at work. I came across Whiskers Animal Benevolent League who was in need of volunteers at the shelter. Whiskers is a no kill cat shelter where many stray cats are brought in off the cold streets of Albany.
Some cats are young, some are old, sick, sweet, sassy, but most of all they are loved.
They are loved by over 100 volunteers who are constantly in and out of the shelter. I am excited to be one of the newest Whiskers volunteers. Ok, ok so yeah I'm a cat lady...but hey I need to make friends somehow! There are no better friends than sweet kitties who only want some love, belly rubs and Friskie's Feast wet food.
The shelter is run entirely on support from volunteers. Food and other supplies are donated by local food banks and local Veterinarians.
Every Thursday I am assigned to the Infirmary, fitting right? The Infirmary kitties are quite the crew. Many of them are sick, require medications, and close observations from a cage. Sounding familiar? The other cats in this population are prone to urinary crystal formation, which gives our room the knick name "Kitties Krystal Palace". Love it!

Alright already, time for the grand introductions:
The crew snuggling with full bellies
Lilly and Ant'ny enjoying some lap time loving

Charm posing for the camera

This is my main man Nutter Butter
Nutter Butter is by far my favorite so far. NB is approximately 9 years old and came to Whiskers after his owner passed away. His owner's husband felt that he was unable to take care of NB and his brother.  NB has called Whiskers home for quite some time and he is a sweetheart. His left ear is clipped but also remains flopped over permanently from a prior hematoma from a probable bite. He is always so talkative and tells me about his day every time I see him. His meow is much different from his other kitty friends so I can always hear him from a mile away!

I think Joe is thankful that we are not allowed to have pets at our new apartment. Every week I come home and tell him who I would have brought home that day.
So here is my plug to encourage anyone who is thinking of bringing a new pet into the family, to seriously consider adopting from your local shelters. There are many wonderful pets in these shelters who are in need of loving homes, and don't forget about our senior animal friends. They are just as lovable. 

Well I know this isn't my usual post genre but I thought I would update readers the going ons here in Albany. I am still working on getting my nursing license completed up here, but there have been quite a few hoops to jump through. Hopefully I can get the process completed soon.

As always remember to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you...not just because it's a holiday, but do it everyday.
Make Valentine's Day everyday.

Wonderful Valentine treats from our new friends Gabby and Bobby!

And of course, Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet and wonderful husband. 
This is a sneak peak of two of our wedding photos which we should be receiving soon, compliments of Stephanie Rose Photography.

With love from our home to yours,
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