Happy Friday Y'all! Looking forward to this weekend spent with the hubs. I will admit I'm pretty homesick. One of my wonderful friends is getting married tomorrow and I wish more than anything that I could share her special day with her and the rest of my beautiful friends. Really missing my sisters right now! Husbands are GRAND but there is something about girl time that is just good for the soul. But guess what? This time next weekend we will be prepping for our second round of visitors. My sister will be visiting the Northeast for her Spring Break. We have plans to check out NYC and then meet up with more great friends in Boston...I can't wait!

You know what I miss the most? Good 'ol hugs from my momma. I have never been this far from home for an extended period of time so it's those little things I miss the most. 

As promised: Friday's Outfit of the Day! #ootd
These pictures had to be taken inside because of the icky rain/snow nonsense that seems relentless.

I have been very into the Aztec patterns with bright colors. I'm hoping that Spring will come when I wear the bright colors...fingers crossed.
Aztec sweater: SIN-Stylish Internet Natives (loving), Lace undershirt: f21 (seen here), Black Leggings: Marshall's (want), Wedge heels: f21(similar), Necklace: Sam Moon (love),

What fashions are you sporting this weekend? Share! 
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    1. Thank you! They have some great sales going on at the site right now!

  2. Casey I LOVE that aztec sweater!

    1. Thank you! Thank you! I love the bright colors!

  3. Hey Casey! Thanks for dropping by to say hello! Your blog is ADORABLE! I'm about to spend some time poking around. :)