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I'm back!! Phew, what an amazing week I had back at home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It was a full week of seeing family, friends and endless surprises so it seems. I was so thankful for a week home in the sunshine soaking up time with family and LOTS of friends.

Quick highlights of the trip.

  • Ate Mexican food nonstop...literally nine times the 6 days I was there
  • Laid out by the pool! Yes it happened! I even got a slight bit pink...crazy
  • Was surprised by my Aunt and Uncle and wonderful best friend from high school.
  • Saw the house I grew up in one last time because it is currently on the market.
  • Attended a fabulous wedding were I was able to see lots of long lost friends.
  • And of course drank lots of Sweet Tea! 
Speaking of sweet tea... here is the talked about recipe everyone has been waiting for!
Heather over at life, love, pinterest shared her recipe here during her Sweet Tea Tuesday! 
And Kim from The fabulous things I love, is ready for a sweet tea recipe for her Southern raised hubby! What a great wife right?

So let's cut to the chase... this is a recipe from my fabulous mother in law. When we go over to her house I can, and will usually drink the entire pitcher! 

Be sure and get the "family sized" Lipton iced tea and the Lipton green tea with orange, passion fruit and jasmine. (We have also used peach infused tea which also tastes delicious!)

A few initial comments: I do not have an "iced tea maker" so this recipe is just using measured water and boiling it on the stove top. The sugar can be added or subtracted based on how Southern you like your tea.

Step 1: You will need 2 iced tea bags and 1 green tea bag to make two quarts of iced tea. (See above picture)
Step 2: Bring a little over two quarts of water to a boil on the stove top. 
Step 3: Pour water in to heat safe container or pitcher and seep tea bags for a total of 5 minutes. 
(You can seep your tea according to your preference of light or dark tea. Longer time for stronger and darker tea. Or less time for weaker and lighter tea.)

Step 4: Remove tea bags and add 1/3 cup of sugar to hot tea and stir until dissolved.
Step 5: Enjoy your newly brewed iced tea over a tall glass of ice. Sip and enjoy!

For this recipe I generally use 1/3-1/2 a cup of sugar which makes the tea slightly sweet. I have even gone as far as adding 3/4 of a cup for Super Southern Sweet Tea which is not for the weak at heart.

Hope you enjoy this fresh brew this weekend!

From our home to yours,

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P.S. This week I am again a traveling fool. I will be in NYC and Boston so I hope to get some blogging up during our adventures.

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  1. We drink sweet iced tea all the time but we tend to go for the only slightly sweet version. Last time I was in Dallas area I think I ate nothing but Mexican food with a bit of Chinese food here and there. There are lots of good choices for eating!