The Dreamer and the Realist


One word to describe our weekend would be: calm.
And we loved every minute of it! Our lives have been go, go, go for about the past month so it was nice to just relax, catch up on each other's lives and take more naps then I would like to admit. Another highlight from this weekend was finally finishing up my resume and submitting a few job applications. Felt great! I can almost smell the money now...joking.

Speaking of money, Joe and I have been having house fever. Yes, as in first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a house, then a plant, then a pet, and THEN a baby...yes folks we are quite a ways away from the baby fever.
And I know, I know, we haven't even been here six months and we are already thinking about the next step. Not to worry though...we do have a two year lease to fulfill before any of these wild and crazy things happen. We might also have the fever because my parents are currently in the market for a new home so we have been house hunting with them. Let's just say I love the housing market much, much more in Texas than in New York. Maybe not love, you just get more bang for your buck! And brick...there are not many homes with brick up here. Adjustment for sure.

So here enters the dreamer and the realist.
Here we are on Sunday night catching up on some March Madness. I'm laying on the couch with my head in Joe's lap and my eyes closed. Saying things like "A three bedroom would give us a master bedroom, guest bedroom, and then an office which could eventually turn into a nursery one day. Or, I would love granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. The walls could be this color, and I would have a garden in the back filled with spices. And a fenced in back yard so we can have a dog" get the picture

Suddenly out of no where, my dream bubble gets popped when I hear Joe say that in order to buy a house we must have a substantial downpayment, and that would call for us to live even more frugally than we are now. And when I get a job I could save this, this and this and we could forget about that vacation here....again you get the picture. And he was in no way being dramatic, and I hope I don't paint him in that light!
Oh of the many dreaded topics in my book. We were throwing around things like, should we continue to rent, and pay off all of our debt 100%? Or should we save for a down payment on a house that will turn into an investment that could possibly pay out if/when we move back to Texas?

Immediately I stopped his train of thought and said "babe, but I'm dreaming here. Won't you let me dream?" He laughed and said but you're always dreaming. He said,  "I want you to know what is needed to be financially set for our future"....God bless this man. He keeps me accountable and helps me to live in this little thing called a real world. I think I like to dream so much and fear the actual "talk" because I never wan't to feel like I can't achieve one of my dreams. I was like this during the wedding as well. Just ask my mom. I would have the greatest dreams but when it came to materializing them, I would shrink and not want to spend too much or the idea would suddenly become absurd in my head. I hope this is making sense to someone.

I am often thankful that Joe is my realist, especially when it comes to the pocket book. Even God knows that we are not ready for such large decisions and for that I am thankful and will enjoy this beautiful home and space that we have now for another two years. Phew! This is just another silly example of what we are learning daily in our marriage.

Who is the realist and who is the dreamer in your household?
From our cozy home to yours this Monday,
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  1. We're the opposite. He's the dreamer, I'm the realist. Buying a house is such a wonderful/stressful thing. I know right where you are. We just bought our house and I had been pining for it for a long time. I'll always cherish our itty bitty apt memories though :) It'll be great when it all happens and well worth the wait!

    1. You're definitely right, just a wee bit overwhelming! Thanks for reading, and love your blog! Gave me quite a few laughs!

  2. I'm sure you can guess who is the dreamer and who is the realist in our relationship! Ha! Love you!