Carabox Reveal!


Woohoo! Today was the day that I received my amazing carabox from Jenn!
It finally got here today thanks to my UPS man...phew never ever again! 
She sent it over a week ago?! How crazy is that?

What is a Carabox you ask? Well a lovely blogger organizes a gift swap monthly in order to promote meeting new people in the blogging community.
I had the pleasure of meeting two amazing women thousands of miles away from me, Alabama and Ohio!
I was Amanda's gifter and you can see what I gave her, here. I had a blast learning about Amanda and deciding what to include in her box.

My gifter was the lovely Jenn and she just outdid herself on my box of goodies! The items were perfect and it's like she has known me for years. Opening this package was definitely the highlight of my day.
The theme for the month of April was "go-green" because of Earth Day.

Check out the "green" goods I received from Jenn

Peppermint Sugar Scrub that she made herself! It smells amazing!
Super cute new water bottle with a little inspiration on the bottom
"C" notepad in which she wrote a sweet note
Sweet new socks for my sweet new running shoes
Burt's Bees...duh!
Natural PB
And dark dark chocolate. {Separately of course!}

Cannot wait to use this scrumptious stuff!

Jenn gave me some encouragement for my training! 
And she even wrote an inspirational message on the bottom of the water bottle! Awesome right?

YUM! Already have plan for the natural PB and have already eaten more than half of the dark chocolate!

I highly recommend ANYONE to join in on the fun next month. I have really enjoyed getting to know these sweet gals and they are new friendships I look forward to keeping!

Photography is Good for the Soul

A quick post for you this morning before I run to UPS and chat with my "frandss"...not

Remember back a few moons ago I told you that I was participating in a photography challenge with P.J. at A 'lil Hoohaa?
You don't? That's ok...good thing I'm keeping you in the loop.

Our theme for this months photography challenge was: Transportation.
I have traveled quite a bit during April so I was hoping to catch some great interpretations of transportation. Going through my pictures I was surprised at what I had captured and could use for this challenge.

Now I will admit I am still very much a novice photographer, but I think these monthly challenges will force me to dive into my camera more. This weekend we were out with some friends and she challenged me from here on out to keep my camera only on Manual mode and manual focus...eek.
All of the automatic setting are so comfortable...wrong-o she helped me take my camera for a spin sans automatic and I fell in love.
Joe is thankful for this!

Camera used: Canon T4i
Lens: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 {Standard lens camera was purchased with}

*NY friend Gabby let me shoot with her 50mm f/1.8 and that was a lot of fun and definitely a challenge for me!
Climbing in Central Park

View from Williamsburg in Brooklyn

Paul Revere's Ride

Busy streets in front of Grand Central Station

Washington Park 
Update on UPS man and our fight...he tried to deliver my package at 9:15 last night?! 
What?? I had already taken down my aforementioned love note so I of course wake up to a UPS sticker on the downstairs window. He must have read my post and wanted to play a little trickery
Thankfully, fellow blogger PJ told me a sweet trick about creating a phone number with Google Voice. Best part's a 518 number...hallelujah. Hope this will solve our issues soon.
Stay tuned, hopefully you will get to read about my sweet package soon!

I'm in a fight with the UPS man


Yes, you read that right...I am in a fight with my UPS man.
If he played along, then really we wouldn't have these issues...
You see what had happened was... In order to get into our building you must jump through two flaming hoops, dance on your head and stick your tongue out while doing think I'm kidding.

As dramatic as that sounds, it's a little less intense but just as frustrating!
We have a call system where you can scroll to "Aslan" and call our apartment...welp this would only work if we had a 518 area code phone number.
Conveniently Texas doesn't just hand out 518 area codes, and it would be just as miserable to try and get our numbers changed just for the front door.

Well the UPS man doesn't like that he now has to leave me love notes every time I "miss" his arrival. Every time he arrives, there is another sweet love note from me stating, that if he just dialed this simple little number he wouldn't have to come back 3 times before I can go pick the package up.
Each time I write the above love note, he responds that he does not use his personal phone for work....welp but we are both just out of luck now aren't we?

**Bangs head against wall**

The two times that I have happened to catch him, he lectures me about changing my phone number...OI!

Ok so I'll stop with he dramatics, but seriously?!
It's aggravating...and we have multiple monthly subscription packages that come via UPS.
Safe to say the gals over at the package pickup know me my

I am also ticked because I am supposed to be receiving my lovely package from Jenn which was sent way way way last week, and it still hasn't made it because of my lovely and favorite delivery man.

Today's love note told him just to leave it there and I would pick it up...lets see what I get in response today.

I have always prayed for patience, which I hear it a back handed prayer. If you pray for it, you will get it! I'm sure this is the case

On to exciting things! Have you noticed anything different around here?? My new blog design has made its debut!

If you don't see anything different, you must be on your phone/e-mail and I urge you to come on over and check this amazingness out!

I am so in love with the great work that Laura over at Sophie and Rory Designs did for me. She's a miracle worker and was able to incorporate all of my wandering ideas. She is a great gal to work with and I recommend her to anyone! Be sure and stop by to check out her work.

Seriously swooning over here at the look of my own blog!

Newlywed Game!


It's FRIDAY! The day we all look forward to, ALWAYS!

On Friday you will usually find me dishing out my happies and crappies of the week, but I felt like I have kept you on the up, and up with the little random factoids in my life this week. 
And I'm just in an awesome mood, that I don't want to think of any crappies. Fair?

Without further delay, I bring you what I have been so excited about all week! 
Our first video post.
Hubby was such an awesome sport about this post. 
He knows the in's and out's of my blog world and puts up with listening to me giggle in my own little corner while on twitter, is a faithful reader, and gives me input for topics.

He is however, a bit camera shy and likes to keep his anonymity. 
I'm sure I take that from him more times than he enjoys but I'm thankful he still loves me!

We teamed up with other newlywed couples to play a little newlywed game.

Side comment...I will be really sad the day that we are no longer newlyweds? When does this happen? Like 5 years down the road? Ok good, I thought so!

The list given was 10 questions long, but we chose four since this was our first cameo. 
We didn't want to get big heads and end up in Hollywood by the end of this afternoon.

So, we all know we are our own worst critics. 
I'm really trying to take what my momma gave me and love it all. 
But I do apologize in advance for wacky hair and odd facial jestures. 
It's all me...nothing more, nothing less!

Happy Friday loves,
Maybe you will join us next week?
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It's ok...right?


I thought I would spare you another novel and share with you things that are "just ok". 
An ode to the little things in life that can be changed, finished, looked at, attempted tomorrow...or maybe next week?

It's ok that yesterday I went to D&D, got a toasted everything bagel with LOTS of cream cheese and a medium caramel iced 3:30pm

It's ok that I did the EXACT same thing this morning...

It's ok that I painted my nails an outrageous color since I will have to forfeit cute nails when I start my job.

It's ok that I bought a bag of jalapeƱo cheetos Monday, and they WILL be gone by this afternoon.

It's ok that Joe baked a second batch of chocolate chip cookies for me the other night. It's a food week...ya feel me ladies?

It's ok that I haven't washed laundry in about two least it's sorted and sitting in the laundry room right?

It's ok that I wore bright rockin' blue sweatpants and a tie dyed shirt this morning while pumping gas. I must admit I was quite a sight to see.

It's ok that I fixed spaghetti and meatballs and made the meatballs out of turkey and hubby couldn't tell the difference!

It's ok that my NY friend and I shared a pitcher of sangria this week in celebration of the new job! What you haven't heard?! Check this out

It's ok that I think New York is prettier than Texas in the spring. It doesn't mean I'm not a forever Texan

NY friend Gabriela

It's ok I've worn this {my new favorite necklace} every day since I received it in the mail from one of my second mommas back home in Texas.

It's ok that I'm so stinking excited about tomorrows blog post...the hubby will be starring! Vlog here we come!

It's ok that my friend thinks a raw chicken looks like a newborn's also awesomely ok that she created a blog based on her cooking adventure the other night. Check her out here

It's ok that I take an amazing amount of pictures on my iPhone...someone will enjoy them.

It's ok that I snapchat my best friend all day every works for us!

Hope you enjoyed this post...and stay tuned for tomorrows post. SO EXCITED!
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Its Ok Thursdays

Hip, Hip, Hooray!!


It's time to round up my stethoscope, scrubs, danskos, mountain of pens, cute badge reel, mini sharpie, and large pockets...I GOT A JOB!

I am so excited, and so ready to jump back into the crazy world of nursing! After three months of unemployment I am ready to be back in the schedule of things. I am uber thankful to my gracious hubby for allowing me to take this time off to set up our new home, find a friend, and explore our new area. It has truly been good for my soul, but I'm being called back to a routine, helping others, saving lives.

I accepted a position on an Oncology/Diabetes floor at a hospital in Troy, New York. It was EXACTLY what I had hoped for. Smaller hospital, great staff, favorite town, and best of all full time days. Can a girl get an amen?

I would love to spill all the details about my days spent with patients, but unfortunately as a nurse I am by law required to protect all information and stories about work. It's called HIPPA and I know if you're ever in a hospital you will be thankful for this little guy.
I'll share what I am able to, but right now I just want to jump for joy and dance all over the place.

For anyone who is struggling with the job market. It is hard! I feel your pain, but you can't give up. Doors close for a reason and you can look back one day and know it was a good thing they did. If you find yourself unemployed look into volunteering. It's a great outlet not only for resume building, but for meeting new people and giving back to your community.

I currently volunteer at a local cat shelter and I am a new Red Cross volunteer. The events that have hit our country lately really brought me down. But I realized that sitting on my butt glued to CNN was not going to benefit any of these people who were hurting.

I urge anyone to look into being a volunteer for The Red Cross. They need volunteers in every area! Marketing, Clerical, Advertising, Blood Drives, Community Activities, CPR name it, they need YOU!
Did you know The Red Cross is made up of 96% volunteers? That number is astounding to me! Everything they do comes from pure volunteer support...they don't hire anyone you see in the commercials. They are people like us, like you. If they can volunteer, so can you!

Now, stepping off my soap box. I want to thank all of my followers and daily readers who inspire me to keep this blog going. As a way to say thank you, when I reach 100 followers I will be giving away a great prize package to one of my faithful readers.

Be on the look out for more details. It will not be your typical giveaway either! Much easier and ways for my family and friends outside of the blogging world to join in!

Happy hump day! I'm headed out to enjoy the sunshine!
From our home to yours,
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Weekend Shenanigans


This weekend has been one of our best weekends here in Albany thus far, and best thing about was {almost} entirely FREE!
Yes we had a free weekend of free fun!
Since Joe and I are still on a one income salary we have been trying to keep ourselves out of the pricey restaurants and entertainment, while avoiding becoming couch potatoes. This weekend was definitely a success!

Slept in: Glorious {FREE}

Talked the hubs into going for a run with me. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed have a running buddy to keep me on pace. He even said he may continue training with me for the big 13.1! {FREE}

We then checked out a lunch spot called Moe's. It's sort of like an ok least they had queso, a rarity up here! {$15}

Next on our list was fishing! I was a bit leery of this activity, but jumped on board because Joe loves fishing. Go thing I did, because it was a blast! We headed down to the Hudson which is only a mile away from our apartment and enjoyed the scenery and sunshine. No fish, but who cares it was fun, and it was {FREE}

Joe and I have been talking more about houses lately so we went and drove down a few neighborhood with new developments. Window shopping, planning for our future, and driving around was fun and you guessed it, {FREE}

We then headed to to Pricechopper, grabbed some "fixins" for white chicken chili, a six pack of Corona, flowers for my bud vases and headed home. {$20}

Made a delicious meal, cornbread included then watched a flick on Netfilx {FREE}

See the face?

Church in Troy where we stayed after and chatted with new Albany friends. {FREE}

Headed to lunch, big splurge of the weekend, to Dinosaur BBQ...lets just say NY should stick to pizza, and let the South handle the BBQ. {$30}

We then headed home with over stuffed bellies and fell asleep for two hours...oh my! {FREE}

Groggy eyed we got up and headed over to Barnes and Noble with our laptops to do a little online car browsing. Yes, would could have stayed home, sat on the couch and browsed for cars, but the change of scenery at Barnes and Noble amongst the smell of books and coffee made it that much better, and still {FREE}.

Dinner was reheats of white chicken chili and included two Skype chats with my parents and my lovely friend from home! {FREE}

Man I love technology, and I love a money saving weekend. Sure, we could have pinched a few more pennies, but this was such a fun weekend spent outdoors and enjoying each other's company. 

What are some of your favorite date ideas that are {FREE}?
Happy Monday Y'all!

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Happies & Crappies 2.0


Wow it's already Friday again? I'll take it!
I am again hanging out with Stephanie and Sarah to share with you my highs and lows of this week!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


1. The weather is warming up and the sun is out! I'm loving this 50 degree weather and welcome warmer weather wanting to come this way!

2. I was able to hear from my sweet friend who lives in West, Texas. 
She and her family are safe, just trying to pick up the pieces. 

** All of my Texas friends and followers, please look into donating supplies and/or blood for the families and victims of the explosion in West, Texas.**
You can find resources at

3. Completed my first week of half marathon training! 
And I think I might have talked my NY friend into training with me.

4. I have connected with so many great women this week. I'm not sure if it is because of the Overcome the Lie challenge or I have just found a jackpot of fabulous supportive women! {I think both!}

5. I made a 4 ingredient meal in 30 minutes last night...BAM take that Rachel Ray


1. The unjust evil that this world has succumbed to. 
The past three days I have continuously left CNN on the TV and I watch in horror most of the time.
I had a great talk with my best friend about this world. She made a remark that was extremely sobering.
She said that this world is spiraling out of control and may end up like the book "The Giver".
Anyone else remember this utopian society novel from middle school?

//All of my thoughts on the end of this world is for another post and not to intrude on the sweet happies and crappies...phew you dodged quite the bullet!//

2. I was told by the car mechanics that my car is in need of $1,200 of maintenance/repairs....
I laughed and told the sweet man that my 2002 Nissan Sentra may not even be worth that amount of money, and that I was flattered, but NO THANK YOU!

Happy Friday folks. I hope everyone has a great weekend. 
Enjoy and soak up lots of time with your loved ones!

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Life Lately


Howdy Y'all {Uber Texan}
I'm trying to get out of my "funk" and catch back up with the happy things in life.
I figured I would catch you up with what's been happening in the Aslan abode with a few picture tributes! Ready for this?

I've successfully planted seedlings and they are growing...I might not have such a brown thumb after all

I've been working on a new blog design with the help of a lovely gal named Laura. Can't wait for you {and me} to see the new face of AAAA

I have really been missing home, but a surprise visit from my best friend since second grade and a planned visit from a nursing friend has helped tremendously!

I have realized that I have a lot of different creative outlets that I want to achieve. 

My downfall is trying to do way too much in each of these categories. 
Just ask Joe, I have 4 different crafts going on at anytime. 
I have address announcements that have needed to be sent out for a month. 
I have a garden I'm trying to foster in my living room. 
I have an obsession for thrifting but running out of places to put "things". 
I am excited about running, but I have already mentally spent too much $$ on all the awesome accessories. {I guess Joe can be thankful that I haven't purchased these things}. 
I have a business that I want to start but I get so overwhelmed with the details that I immediately go to planning a restaurant I would love to open instead...ADD much? Welcome to my brain!

I have re-fallen in love with iced coffees

I love having my nails painted...something feminine about it!

I've been thankful that the summer wheat beers are coming back into "season". Why must everything be seasonal here? Texas has everything all the time!

I've realized how I need to be much more thankful for what I have been given in this lifetime!

What's been going on with you lately?

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