Happies & Crappies 2.0


Wow it's already Friday again? I'll take it!
I am again hanging out with Stephanie and Sarah to share with you my highs and lows of this week!

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1. The weather is warming up and the sun is out! I'm loving this 50 degree weather and welcome warmer weather wanting to come this way!

2. I was able to hear from my sweet friend who lives in West, Texas. 
She and her family are safe, just trying to pick up the pieces. 

** All of my Texas friends and followers, please look into donating supplies and/or blood for the families and victims of the explosion in West, Texas.**
You can find resources at http://www.redcross.org

3. Completed my first week of half marathon training! 
And I think I might have talked my NY friend into training with me.

4. I have connected with so many great women this week. I'm not sure if it is because of the Overcome the Lie challenge or I have just found a jackpot of fabulous supportive women! {I think both!}

5. I made a 4 ingredient meal in 30 minutes last night...BAM take that Rachel Ray


1. The unjust evil that this world has succumbed to. 
The past three days I have continuously left CNN on the TV and I watch in horror most of the time.
I had a great talk with my best friend about this world. She made a remark that was extremely sobering.
She said that this world is spiraling out of control and may end up like the book "The Giver".
Anyone else remember this utopian society novel from middle school?

//All of my thoughts on the end of this world is for another post and not to intrude on the sweet happies and crappies...phew you dodged quite the bullet!//

2. I was told by the car mechanics that my car is in need of $1,200 of maintenance/repairs....
I laughed and told the sweet man that my 2002 Nissan Sentra may not even be worth that amount of money, and that I was flattered, but NO THANK YOU!

Happy Friday folks. I hope everyone has a great weekend. 
Enjoy and soak up lots of time with your loved ones!

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  1. I'm trying to {potentially} get a 2001 Nissan Sentra right now... Should I not go for it? It's a little over priced ($5,000)

    1. I e-mailed you my thoughts on this :)
      Let me know how it goes!

  2. What meal did you make? I'm all about simple cooking (or having my boyfriend do the cooking and not cooking at all!)


    1. I made a chicken pot pie! Not the healthiest of meals but SO easy since we were pressed for time!

      1 can VegAll
      1 can cream of chicken
      1 can chicken
      frozen pie crust

      combine canned ingredients throw in pie crust, bake for 30 minutes at 350

  3. Car repairs are the WORST! They are so stressful! Keep safe! You will be getting a package in the mail next week to cheer you up! Yayyy Cara box!


  4. Excited to have found your blog through the northeastern bloggers hop! :) Thrilled to be your newest follower!
    :) Rebecca

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog already!

  5. Found your blog through Hang On, Honey! Can I just say...You are completely adorable?! :)

    So happy to hear that your friend is okay and just like you...Cannot believe what our world as become. We need prayer, and Jesus. Big time.

    I cannot wait to get to know you sweet lady! You're a gem. :) xo.

    1. Well aren't you just a doll! Thank you!
      Can't wait to head over and check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Good luck on training for your half marathon! I did one last April and it was so much to train for it and reach goals of running longer and faster.
    Found your blog through the Monday Mingling link up.
    New follower!



  7. That's a crazy expensive car bill! My car's a 96....and I wouldn't be surprised if it was in need of at least $1,200 put into it....but I'm simply going to refuse to do that. I love my car and I'll drive it till the day it dies but you can't sink that much money into something that isn't even worth that much!