I'm in a fight with the UPS man


Yes, you read that right...I am in a fight with my UPS man.
If he played along, then really we wouldn't have these issues...
You see what had happened was... In order to get into our building you must jump through two flaming hoops, dance on your head and stick your tongue out while doing it...you think I'm kidding.

As dramatic as that sounds, it's a little less intense but just as frustrating!
We have a call system where you can scroll to "Aslan" and call our apartment...welp this would only work if we had a 518 area code phone number.
Conveniently Texas doesn't just hand out 518 area codes, and it would be just as miserable to try and get our numbers changed just for the front door.

Well the UPS man doesn't like that he now has to leave me love notes every time I "miss" his arrival. Every time he arrives, there is another sweet love note from me stating, that if he just dialed this simple little number he wouldn't have to come back 3 times before I can go pick the package up.
Each time I write the above love note, he responds that he does not use his personal phone for work....welp but we are both just out of luck now aren't we?

**Bangs head against wall**

The two times that I have happened to catch him, he lectures me about changing my phone number...OI!

Ok so I'll stop with he dramatics, but seriously?!
It's aggravating...and we have multiple monthly subscription packages that come via UPS.
Safe to say the gals over at the package pickup know me my name...fail.

I am also ticked because I am supposed to be receiving my lovely package from Jenn which was sent way way way last week, and it still hasn't made it because of my lovely and favorite delivery man.

Today's love note told him just to leave it there and I would pick it up...lets see what I get in response today.

I have always prayed for patience, which I hear it a back handed prayer. If you pray for it, you will get it! I'm sure this is the case

On to exciting things! Have you noticed anything different around here?? My new blog design has made its debut!

If you don't see anything different, you must be on your phone/e-mail and I urge you to come on over and check this amazingness out!

I am so in love with the great work that Laura over at Sophie and Rory Designs did for me. She's a miracle worker and was able to incorporate all of my wandering ideas. She is a great gal to work with and I recommend her to anyone! Be sure and stop by to check out her work.

Seriously swooning over here at the look of my own blog!


  1. I love the new look!! It's so fitting!

  2. Love the new blog design!
    Your UPS man story cracked me up!

  3. 1. this is a hilarious story
    2. I'm definitely following your blog now
    3. Laura is designing my blog right now! This one came out great :)

  4. I love the new look. Very nice.

  5. Oh boy! My J is a UPS driver... (cute story, actually... we met when he delivered to work) AAAANNNYWAY. You can totally call UPS and have them just hold the package at the UPS store/pick up center for free to eliminate the multiple day wait!

  6. YES! Be careful what you pray for because God may actually give it to you. Yikes! And come on now,nobody changes their phone number when they move anymore. I still have my Virginia # and nobody looks twice at me when I rattle it off (granted I only moved a state away, but still!). How silly. At least you live somewhere safe it seems. :D Hope you get your Cara Box soon. I'm thrilled to sae you participated!

  7. oh man that would drive me insane! i'm sorry you have to deal with it.

  8. If you have a GMail account, you can get a free Google Voice number and it will ring your cell, if you set it up that way. The best part? Make it a 518 area code. I have one connected to my cell as a "professional" number. Works well.