It's ok...right?


I thought I would spare you another novel and share with you things that are "just ok". 
An ode to the little things in life that can be changed, finished, looked at, attempted tomorrow...or maybe next week?

It's ok that yesterday I went to D&D, got a toasted everything bagel with LOTS of cream cheese and a medium caramel iced 3:30pm

It's ok that I did the EXACT same thing this morning...

It's ok that I painted my nails an outrageous color since I will have to forfeit cute nails when I start my job.

It's ok that I bought a bag of jalapeño cheetos Monday, and they WILL be gone by this afternoon.

It's ok that Joe baked a second batch of chocolate chip cookies for me the other night. It's a food week...ya feel me ladies?

It's ok that I haven't washed laundry in about two least it's sorted and sitting in the laundry room right?

It's ok that I wore bright rockin' blue sweatpants and a tie dyed shirt this morning while pumping gas. I must admit I was quite a sight to see.

It's ok that I fixed spaghetti and meatballs and made the meatballs out of turkey and hubby couldn't tell the difference!

It's ok that my NY friend and I shared a pitcher of sangria this week in celebration of the new job! What you haven't heard?! Check this out

It's ok that I think New York is prettier than Texas in the spring. It doesn't mean I'm not a forever Texan

NY friend Gabriela

It's ok I've worn this {my new favorite necklace} every day since I received it in the mail from one of my second mommas back home in Texas.

It's ok that I'm so stinking excited about tomorrows blog post...the hubby will be starring! Vlog here we come!

It's ok that my friend thinks a raw chicken looks like a newborn's also awesomely ok that she created a blog based on her cooking adventure the other night. Check her out here

It's ok that I take an amazing amount of pictures on my iPhone...someone will enjoy them.

It's ok that I snapchat my best friend all day every works for us!

Hope you enjoyed this post...and stay tuned for tomorrows post. SO EXCITED!
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Its Ok Thursdays


  1. Hey- its ok! I love sangria too, I can't wait for Saturday we are getting tapas and they have the BEST Sangria at this place! How does snap chat work exactly?

    1. UMM YUM! Tapas and Sangria?! I need to join!

  2. Sangria and crazy nails are DEFINITELY okay! =)

    1. I kinda like both :) maybe I can make a habit out of it.

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous. Spring there looks amazing.

  4. Mmmm sangria =) It's ok that now want to drink after seeing this post haha