Newlywed Game!


It's FRIDAY! The day we all look forward to, ALWAYS!

On Friday you will usually find me dishing out my happies and crappies of the week, but I felt like I have kept you on the up, and up with the little random factoids in my life this week. 
And I'm just in an awesome mood, that I don't want to think of any crappies. Fair?

Without further delay, I bring you what I have been so excited about all week! 
Our first video post.
Hubby was such an awesome sport about this post. 
He knows the in's and out's of my blog world and puts up with listening to me giggle in my own little corner while on twitter, is a faithful reader, and gives me input for topics.

He is however, a bit camera shy and likes to keep his anonymity. 
I'm sure I take that from him more times than he enjoys but I'm thankful he still loves me!

We teamed up with other newlywed couples to play a little newlywed game.

Side comment...I will be really sad the day that we are no longer newlyweds? When does this happen? Like 5 years down the road? Ok good, I thought so!

The list given was 10 questions long, but we chose four since this was our first cameo. 
We didn't want to get big heads and end up in Hollywood by the end of this afternoon.

So, we all know we are our own worst critics. 
I'm really trying to take what my momma gave me and love it all. 
But I do apologize in advance for wacky hair and odd facial jestures. 
It's all me...nothing more, nothing less!

Happy Friday loves,
Maybe you will join us next week?
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  1. Aw man! It says the video is private! I want to see your vlog so bad! So glad that you both were fearless enough to vlog!! =D

  2. I just love so much that you guys did a vlog on your first time linking up!! This is so awesome! Not many people do the vlogs!! You both did fabulous! I love the flower box & the roses that he got you. And he made it himself?? You've got a good man, girl!

    I am so glad to have "met" you & truly look forward to reading your blog! Love the name of your blog by the way! =D

    1. I really enjoyed the vlog this week! I know hubby didn't but maybe I can bribe him to try again next week!

  3. I got all excited because I thought your blog was a Narnia reference. I'm not a nerd at all. Oh well.

    Congrats on your new job!! And yes...that is an awesome gift. Smart man!

    Glad you guys linked up this week!

    1. We love people who get excited about our Narnia last name...nerds here as well!

  4. This was so cute, loved it! And I am totally with you on Rylan Gosling. ;)

    1. Oh girl...he is just something else :)

  5. Aww you guys are soo cute!!! Happy Friday. I'm still waiting to get my big girl camera haha! ;)

    1. I just wish I wasn't so intimidated by mine!

  6. So glad to "meet" you through this link up and yay for a vlog! We did our first EVER one too!
    YAY for new jobs!
    Man I wish I could convince my husband to get froyo more!
    awesome gift he gave you!
    glad you guys joined in this week!

    1. I loved y'alls post as well! Your hubby doesn't like froyo? YUM! We probably go at least 3 times a week.

  7. Ya'll are so cute and I miss you both!!!! Come home soon, please!! :(

    I need to work on getting my passport so we can travel together! :p

  8. OMG I cant stop laughing for like 100 reasons. Mostly because I keep thinking "why am I in a video with Joe about newlyweds?" and then I remember that its you...haha our ongoing problem! Love yall so much!

  9. Cute vlog! And Joe is such a good sport! Y'all are sooo cute together! Can't wait to see your babies!! ;)

  10. I mean could you guys get any freaking cuter? =)