Photography is Good for the Soul


A quick post for you this morning before I run to UPS and chat with my "frandss"...not

Remember back a few moons ago I told you that I was participating in a photography challenge with P.J. at A 'lil Hoohaa?
You don't? That's ok...good thing I'm keeping you in the loop.

Our theme for this months photography challenge was: Transportation.
I have traveled quite a bit during April so I was hoping to catch some great interpretations of transportation. Going through my pictures I was surprised at what I had captured and could use for this challenge.

Now I will admit I am still very much a novice photographer, but I think these monthly challenges will force me to dive into my camera more. This weekend we were out with some friends and she challenged me from here on out to keep my camera only on Manual mode and manual focus...eek.
All of the automatic setting are so comfortable...wrong-o she helped me take my camera for a spin sans automatic and I fell in love.
Joe is thankful for this!

Camera used: Canon T4i
Lens: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 {Standard lens camera was purchased with}

*NY friend Gabby let me shoot with her 50mm f/1.8 and that was a lot of fun and definitely a challenge for me!
Climbing in Central Park

View from Williamsburg in Brooklyn

Paul Revere's Ride

Busy streets in front of Grand Central Station

Washington Park 
Update on UPS man and our fight...he tried to deliver my package at 9:15 last night?! 
What?? I had already taken down my aforementioned love note so I of course wake up to a UPS sticker on the downstairs window. He must have read my post and wanted to play a little trickery
Thankfully, fellow blogger PJ told me a sweet trick about creating a phone number with Google Voice. Best part's a 518 number...hallelujah. Hope this will solve our issues soon.
Stay tuned, hopefully you will get to read about my sweet package soon!


  1. Love these pics!! You talented girl,you! :) I'm soo desiring a big girl camera like that!

  2. You have a great eye for composition. Thanks for sharing your travels and some photos of green grass (it snowed in Calgary again yesterday and the brown lawns are once again covered in a blanket of white).

  3. Wow. Beautiful pictures!
    I love photography!
    So much fun! =)
    Silly UPS man... I hope that number works for you!

  4. You may call yourself a novice, but I love these photographs. The cityscape and the shot of the woman stepping off the post are particularly nice. Great work.

  5. Yeah, going to agree with Mike here. These shots aren't novice, especially if you are just coming out of auto mode. Welcome to the full manual mode. Makes it way more fun! Anyway, back to the task at hand. You have a great set of photos here and a neat interpretation of transportation. The view looking into Brooklyn is wonderful. I really enjoyed the busy street ones, too. Well done this month!

    Glad, too, the Google Voice number is something you can hopefully utilize. It's also a nice thing to have so you don't have to give out your cell number to others if you don't want!

  6. Ohh how I want to visit New York City now.. I love your photos. :) The busy street, Central Park, the view from Brooklyn.. They're all amazing.

  7. That's a gorgeous collection of pictures. And believe me, you're no novice. Well done.

  8. You are so talented best friend! I can't wait to see more! Miss & love you!

  9. I like the last image - people pics are my fav.

  10. i hope that google number will be the end to your problems with ups!

  11. Really nice set of shots. It's hard to believe this is your first trip around the boroughs using manual settings. Great post-processing too.

  12. You're a novice? I think you have a wonderful eye for photography! I love the perspective of the first shot. Hope you have lots of fun with your camera!

  13. I love all the colors in these. I echo the others. You have a great eye. Keep up the good work.

  14. You got talent girly! Looking forward to more of these!!

  15. I love your photographs! And I agree, photography is so good for the soul. Whenever I am having a bad day, I just grab my camera and go out on a walk then I am renewed. Always helps! Being one with what is around is humbling for sure:)

  16. Beautiful photos :) I need to participate in a photo challenge to test out my new camera!

  17. Excellent shots. Looks like you could use a couple of those for the Bridges theme for this month.