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Here at the Albany Adventure we are going to do things a little different around here. Blogging has a "public face" and a "behind the scenes face". I bet you didn't know that I work with up to ten lovely ladies to draw new followers to our blogs. This is called "Sponsorship" in the blog world. I am thankful for these women who have previously and are currently supporting my blog and I have absolutely loved getting to know each one of them through their heartfelt blogs.
These gals are from my March round of swapping.

So this is a big thank you to you beauties! Thank you for bringing your personality to this corner of my "blogsphere".

I asked each one of these ladies to share with me what they are looking forward to this summer. Check out their answers and be sure to drop by and say hello and meet one of these great gals!

Heather blogs over at Life, Love & Pinterest and answers my question about her summer below:

//What are you looking forward to the most this summer? "Potentially getting tan, hahah. And getting to spend a little more time outside, and less time bundled up!"
Any big vacation plans? "Potentially going to Ohio with the mister to visit some friends. Your favorite summer treat? Ice cream! And sweet tea, of course."//

Don't you love her rockin red Toms that match her equally rockin red lips?

 Heather and I both love a great sweet tea recipe. 
Check hers out here and let her know what you think!

Kalyn blogs over at Love. Laughter. Happily Ever After. and answers my question about her summer below:

// "I am looking forward to vacationing with my Husband for our first anniversary in June. Then, in August he and I will be vacationing with his family. We are looking forward to being able to actually enjoy our time together and our time with them instead of rushing through the typical holiday celebrations." //

I totally understand that quality vacation time with just the hubby! I'm excited to read her posts about their anniversary adventures.
Kalyn has multiple great posts about her beautiful wedding 
(love me some weddings) to her high school sweetheart, that you can find here

Rachel blogs over at Can't Google Everything and answers my questions about her summer below:

//"I am looking forward to going to the beach a lot this summer!  We are going down to Florida to visit family and then heading down to the Keys as well!  My favorite summer treat is cooking out and sitting up on the roof deck with dinner and mojitos!" //

Roof deck and mojitos? You're speaking my language!
 Rachel loves caramel macchiatos and hummus...my kind of gal. Find out more about what makes Rachel tick over here. She is also the brains behind North East Bloggers Network which I LOVE!

Jenn blogs over at Bad Luck Jenn and answers my questions about her summer below:

//"I'm looking forward to concerts! There are so many concerts during the summer, especially festivals.
Vacations: no vacations planned but if I get into grad school (fingers crossed!!) I will hopefully be preparing a big move!
Summer treat: ice cream! My friends once found 13+ flavors of ice cream in my freezer & they now call  me Baskin Robbins since you could get 31 flavors at Jenny's house."//

Jenn is new to the blogging world, but is a great, creative and funny blogger! 
She hosts a series of posts called Medical Madness Monday 
where she explains some crazy symptoms going on in her life...which of course gets my nurse brain going. Anyone else with me? 
Stop by and say hello to my "gifter" for this month's Cara Box!


Chelsea blogs over at Life Unpublished and answers my question about her summer below:

//"I am most looking forward to the hot weather (hopefully!), beach trips and summer nights. I also can't wait to bring out all my summer clothes again!"//

Chelsea is a blogger from British Columbia and I love reading about her adventures up in Canada. I am jealous too because I would love to see the beauty of Canada. Chelsea is extremely up to date as far as her blogging skills go. I have used many of her tutorials like this one to upload my Bloglovin' feed, and update my blog in general. 

Filiz blogs over at Light and Sweet and answers my question about her summer below:

//"I am excited to spend my summer wearing sun dresses, sipping gin & tonics on my deck, playing softball, and visiting friends at the beach! Also hoping to get down to Key West to visit my parents."//

Filiz spent her college days in Florida by the beach and in the sunshine, so we both understand what it's like to miss the warmth up in the North East. 
Filiz shared an amazing Fresh Mango Salsa recipe that you can grab here
She is currently in Costa Rica and I can't wait to read and see pictures from her travels when she returns!

Natalie blogs over at Saol Sona and answers my question about her summer below

//"I'm looking forward to the beach, swimming, BBQ's and some frozen drinks" :)//

Check ok Natalie's "Never Have I Ever" post here and say hello to the funny, graphic designing blogger!

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Enjoy your Thursday,
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