An afternoon at the park [Photography Session #1]


Happy Wednesday friends! 
I have been asked by a few of you to share some of my photos from my sessions I have done recently. 
So far I have finished a family session, 1st birthday, and I'm currently in the process of editing a maternity session.

I have loved getting back into photography and it's been fun to "self teach" myself the different shots I'm looking for.
 I would love to take a class on lighting because I haven't quite mastered it the way I would like to.

Short post today, but I hope you enjoys these photos!

Background information: The two little boys were 3 years old and 18 months old. The 3 year old was incredibly shy and scared to talk to me. It took about 30 minutes into the session for him to warm up and let his dad put him down. 
I wasn't able to get the formal shots that some of the families want, but the mom said she was looking for candid pictures anyway...
bam candid it is!

I learned a lot, had a blast playing in the park, and will be even more prepared for my next young family session. 

Don't forget about week 4 of My favorite things! 
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  1. Great job on the pictures Casey!!
    Love you Momma