Meet Tanner


I'm a day late but I have been missing the blog world the past few days because of a crazy thing called work!
So here I am, sharing with Sarah and Stephanie my highs and lows of this week.

1. I survived week two of work orientation. Everything is coming back quickly and I'm thankful!
2. We scheduled a flight home in June to see family and friends! I. Can't. Wait.
3. This past Monday I shot my first maternity photo to come soon!
4. TODAY is national wine day...will definitely be celebrating and you should too by entering to win all things wine from this gal!
5. I received such sweet comments, e-mails, and texts this week from lovely ladies after reading this weeks post
"She Laughs Without Fear of the Future"
6. Joe and I both have this upcoming Monday and I'm so excited!

1. It's been hard having to not only get back in the groove of 12 hour shifts, but all of my training are three 12 hours shifts in a row...needless to say I feel like I was beat up this morning. 
2. This Memorial weekend the forecast is low 50's and raining. Ew.
3. Really missing home and wishing I could be there to help my parents move into their new house!
 I am really really missing my sweet pup, Tanner!
He would be the perfect snuggler in this cold weather right now! P.S. he is back in Texas with the family.


  1. Our Memorial Day weekend is gross here too.

    I can't wait to see your maternity shoot photos :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. You're coming home?? When?! Please tell me I get to see you!! I owe you a sushi date!

  3. Oh my goodness! Tanner looks very much like my mom in law's pup, just with a more wiry coat. :D

  4. That's great when you receive sweet messages after a post. and cute dog. :D Hope you have a great memorial day weekend.

    Feel free to stop by and say hello sometime. I'd love to hear from you.

  5. How cute is Tanner!? And glad your parents are nice enough to keep him for y'all! And I hadn't even finished reading that post yet, but since I hadn't heard from you, I figured you needed a message :)