Mexican, Macaroni and Mushrooms


Get ready for Video+Blog=Vlog Version 2.0 from the Aslan's! 
Well just me today...and you'll figure out why!

Apologize in advance for sleepy eyes, and any off topic shenanigans as well as mannerisms. 
Oh, and the Wicked shirt...not apologizing for that one. Fashionable? Definitely not. Amazing? Yes!
 With that warning label, on with the show!

 This is Ashley and Heather whom I reference in the Vlog!

From me to you today,


  1. This makes me miss you even more!! Please come home so we can go to a medium and eat Mexican and mushrooms and Mac and cheese together!!!

  2. You are precious thanks for the shout out! I can't wait to see what you send my way this month!

  3. I love your Wicked shirt! Eeeeeek. My husband has the CD on his iPhone and we jam out all the time. :)

    Nice vlog. :)

  4. Hey there. I'm a new follower. Not sure how I found you but I believe and think it was thru another one of my bloggers thru twitter.