My name is Casey and I'm a hand lotion snob...


Welcome to Week 4 of My Favorite Things!
 I can't believe next week will be our final giveaway.

I have really enjoyed this past month of sharing with my readers my favorite things. And more importantly, saying THANK YOU to all of you for reading and supporting our Auspicious Adventure!

Get excited because these are some products you WILL want to include in your daily beauty regimen. 

Being a nurse, I am always on the lookout for a great hand lotion.
Washing your hands constantly leaves them feeling dry, cracked and often peeling.
I am kind of a hand lotion snob has to be thick and creamy, but not oily, and of course it must smell good!

Favorite item #1
Sarah heard my cries for help and came to the rescue with Perfectly Posh's 
"Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme". 
Now what could possibly go wrong with a name like that?
You're right...absolutely NOTHING!

It is an amazing lotion that I use multiple times a day, and it stays stashed in my work bag.
There is no greasy residue and the fragrance is great. 
The fragrance YOU (as the lucky winner) will receive is "Sassyooma"which is a great summer citrus scent.

Favorite item #2
Now many of you know I'm not much of a bath gal.
So when I get into a bath...I have to make it count. This is why I splurged on one of the Bombinators
It's a bath bomb that makes your water pink and sparkly? And smells heavenly! I'm in!
Call Me Candy definitely saved me after a hectic day last week!

Check out the Rafflecopter below to enter. 
Pssssst...a little hint. All you have to do it comment and viola! Easy Peasy!

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Disclaimer: I was not given, or asked to promote these products. Theses were products purchased and selected by me to give to you. I received zero compensation for this post.

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Today, Joy looks like the comfort of having my husband and my puppy safe in my home with me. (wish I were there now)

  2. Joy for me would be to be able to fly down to Oklahoma to help out as much as I could... or perhaps sinking my toes in the sand with a drink in my hand in the Cape. (only a few more weeks til I'm actually there... hallelujah!!)

  3. Have you tried Aveda's Hand Relief?? It is my absolute favorite!!
    Did you make it out to Tulip Fest last weekend? It tops my list of favorite Albany events.
    If you haven't been yet you NEED to check out Kurver Kreme, Bomber's Burrito Bar, El Mariachi, The Point, Cafe Madison, Iron Gate Cafe...I could go on and on with restaurants to try!
    The only place in Albany that makes me feel like there's a slight possibilty I might be in the south is Stuyvesant Plaza.

  4. Joy for me right now is knowing that my friends and family are okay after all the storms and tornados! The only that would make me happier right now is to be able to squeeze you Mrs. Aslan :)

  5. Joy looks like that adorable pink bath bomb...and will look like my relief when I get off my butt here and clean my place up :D

  6. Ooh, I'm excited to try this hand creme. I'm not a fan of oily lotions either!

    And I love baths! That bath bomb sounds lovely.

    1. And joy is being with the puppies and husband right now... even though he's doing homework. :)

  7. i love bubble baths, i want the bath bomb!

  8. Hey!! I found you from the blog hop and am a new follower! I'd love a follow back at Thanks!!

  9. As a fellow healthcare worker, my dry hands are definitely intrigued!

    And joy to me is doing things you love and enjoy - watching the sunset, spending time with friends and family, eating that little debbie (duh, of course I'm going to eat it!)

  10. Joy today is looking forward to sushi for dinner when my husband comes home from his work trip!!

  11. Joy today is celebrating my 'baby' sister-in-law's 21st Birthday with all of the Fam!! Now all of my sisters are 21 so this could be dangerous ;-)

  12. Today - joy looks like despite what is happening all around the world, that the Lord is in control. That even though I have to work the majority of the day and only get a small part of the evening with my hubby - I am content because I have the weekends. I am working for my family - that is a joy!

  13. My adorable niece playing with her toys in front of me!