Screams, Squeals, Laughter and Tears


Lots of excitement happened this weekend and I can't wait to share it with you!

I'm going for the bullet approach today, unlike the novel of my last post. 
You know, keep you on your toes.


  • Joe took off work a little early to swoop me up and go fishin'. It's striper season and Joe is determined to catch one before the season ends in a few weeks.
  • While Joe fished, I tackled a 4 mile run I had been looking forward to. I think I ran a little fast because by mile four I had to take the pace way down, and my knees were beginning to hurt. Nonetheless my spilt 5K time was 10:50 and I was pretty pleased with that, but I know that if I want to keep that pace for the 13.1....I have a LONG way to go
  • Celebrating 6 months of wedded bliss with the hubs. We went to our frequent favorite palatable mexican food restaurant El loco, enjoyed each other's company and just reflected what all we have encountered these last six months. Bliss would be a word to describe it, but we also voiced some of the challenges of learning to live with the opposite species sex; especially in a whole new world.
  • And Laura won my giveaway! Yay so excited for her to get her package this week!
  • Joe surprised me and had the whole apartment cleaned and spiffied up after I returned from my yoga class at the Y...I'm telling you, running and yoga go together phenomenally! Can I get an amen from a fellow "runnerogi"?
  • We headed out to my favorite little town of Troy, NY for a food truck festival. We went with our Austin friend who was just in heaven because it really did feel like being back home. The festival was right on the river with live bands playing and avocado fries aplenty. My kind of Saturday!

  • Brought my camera to the festival and got some awesome pictures while practicing my manual techniques! Eek! Like this daffodil here? That's all me, friends! I'm pretty pumped

  • Speaking of cameras, I also splurged and bought myself a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens. It's ok if you don't now what this means...I only discovered the magic of it, last week! Basically it means I will now have a lens that can take beautiful up close pictures that bring the foreground into focus and blurs the background...AMAZING and scrumptious!

  • Went to church and had an amazing faith inspiring service. It really helped my to feel content with where I am right now in life. I have to remember God doesn't always have fast paced plans like I might. I am one of those who always questions the voice of the Lord. And what I mean by that is I don't know if it is Him who is talking or if it's what I want to hear. I always pray that if he wants to send me a message to just bang me over the head with the answer because I'm not that great of a listener/interpreter
  • In order to celebrate Cinco de Mayo I made some delightful sangria (recipe will be up soon) and we met our friends up at Thompson's lake in Know, NY for some fishing, relaxing, canoeing and sangria sipping.

  • Guess what? Gabby and I caught a fish...and the hubbys were no where to be found out on the water in the boat. We were sideline fishing, but NEVER thought we would catch anything. Wrong-o...which sounds cool right? Ummm not when neither of us has ever touched a fish let alone unhooked one. We will just say there were screams, squeals, laughter and tears. I do promise we got him unhooked, released and that there were no fish harmed in this process. Traumatic to say the least!

Now onto the second week of "My Favorite Things". Remember my post from here last week?
Lovely ladies answered my question and one of them won a sweet prize! Want it to be your turn this week? Well you're in the right place Shout out to any men who may read this blog.

Here's the skinny on how things will work:

  • Comment// The Monday post will include a question/topic for readers to mull over and then comment back on the Monday post. {Please make sure you answer, and post your response on the first day of the week's post}
  • Leave your e-mail address// In order to redeem your prize, you must leave an e-mail address/blog http where I can find your contact details.
  • Each winner will be chosen at random using As much as I would love to pick my "favorite" entry...I just won't be able to do that! {As I said earlier, you're all my favorites!}
  • Sequence// will generate a completely random number. The number selected will then correspond with the comment written. Ex: if the number 7 is picked, and you're the 7th person to win!
Sound easy? Please contact me if I can clarify any of the "rules". If at anytime this gets unruly or out of hand {not imagining it to} then I have the right to terminate further prizes given during the month of may.

Phew, now that we have all of the technical business out of the way...let's talk about my first favorite thing to be gifted this week!

Casey's Favorite Things: Week #2

This week I wanted to treat one of you ladies with my favorite seasonal candle from Bath and Body Works. This season I have been loving the White Barn Renew and Refresh Candle. It's soft, not too sweet and just smells like home. 
The second item I will give a lovely lady is one set of my very own "no crease hair ties"
I love these and can't seem to wear my ponies any other way. I gave some to my pal Amanda in her Carabox last month, so I will share more of the love!
This set will include:
 1: gray chevron tie // 1: teal glitter tie // 1: "bad to the bone" tie

This week's question is:
// What impact are you wanting to leave on the world?//
Answer this question before Friday at 6:00pm Eastern time to be entered into this one of a kind giveaway!


  1. hahahaha "runnerogi." I can't run to save my life, but I did just come home from a yoga class....after a brisk treadmill walk and some weight reps. close enough? ;)

  2. I would love to impact the world in the way I show love and grace. I hope to emulate the love of Jesus Christ in everything I do :D

  3. Firstly at first I thought I had read "stripper season" and started laughing hysterically. Secondly, your outings always look like so much fun!!!!! I want to come too, come swoop me from ohio! :)

  4. You are so fast! that is awesome! My husband's favorite idea of a date is taking me fishing. I'm ok with it if I have a good book to read. I have that lens and I use it for everything! It is truly amazing. I was even using it last night to take some action photos at my son's ball game and they were crystal clear. Definitely a lens everyone should have.

  5. I'm a fellow runnerogi! :) I loove it! I'm excited because I get to find a new studio now that I've moved! :))

    Happy 6 months! Any advice for a 31 days and counting Bride-to-be?

  6. I think you know how I feel about running! But you should be proud that I agreed to start training with a friend after her baby for a 5k! Huge deal for those of us who can barely go 1/16 of a mile at a time ;)

    I want to leave my mark by making a difference in the lives of all I meet. I want everyone to be able to look at our time and realize I somehow changed a moment or a memory or just positively impacted them somehow. I especially want to do this with my babies' parents. They don't need to remember my name or my face, just that I did something to make a lasting (positive) impression!

  7. I'm glad you bought that lens. You will absolutely love it! And yay for pretty photos of flowers!!!!!

  8. Answer: A Good One!

    haha Okay I can maybe go more in depth than that. This makes me think of a speaker I heard talk about Legacy and what you want to be remembered by.

    I definitely hope when people say my name after I'm gone they will think 'wow she was something'. I'd like to think of myself as caring, compassionate, and loving among other things and I hope that is what people remember. If I can brighten just one person's day in anyway I can I'd say that is an impact worth celebrating.
    I also want to take that 'one' picture for someone that whenever they see it they will remember exactly how that moment felt, that is something I can be proud leaving with someone.

    I love your flower photo … Can't wait to see what you do with your new lens.

    Laura Beth

  9. I would like to leave a legacy of love and laughter behind. I want people to remember me in a positive way and think about all the times we laughed. I don't think there's anything more powerful than a positive legacy. :)