Whoa Nellie


Who exactly is Nellie?
Is she your typical gal? A horse? Yahoo is telling me a Jeep? {Weird}
Whoever she is...needs to put. on. the. brakes.

Until this week my life had been that of a new girl on the block. Hanging out, venturing out.
I had time to keep the apartment clean, cook dinners, wash clothes...you know the drill.
Well this week, ALL of that has flown right out that pretty little window.

I have been{and will continue to be} in orientation all week from 8-4.
Shout out to all of those who sit behind a desk all day... I couldn't do it and I would eat my weight in nonsense every day in the 8 hours I would sit there.
Believe me...it's all I've done since Monday.

I have booked 7 photography sessions... 3 of which are in the next 5 days.
Good thing my new lens is supposed to come in tomorrow!
These sessions include Maternity, 1 year old birthday party, and family portraits.
Any ideas to keep cute kiddos entertained during a session so we just don't get boring poses? I'm thinking bubbles!

I have two interviews with the Red Cross next week, One for disaster training and another for CPR instructor training.
Loving the mission of the Red Cross!

I am still volunteering with the sweet kitties of Whiskers Cat shelter.

Annnnnd I'm still getting my running in.
I am really enjoying it!
Since I started, almost a month ago I have already put in 24.5 miles.
I hope to be better at keeping track of my running on my blog so that I can {cheap plug} continue to be motivated by my sweet readers.
Running is such a community and I love it!

But...oh there's always a big 'ol butt...
With running, I can feel every fluctuation in my diet habits.
The days that I have avoided the grease, cheese, beer and sodas I will have a great run and can go farther than my plan suggests.
But on those days {more common than not} that I have succumbed to the "good things in life" aka JUNK, I am huffing, puffing and whining, around 3/4 of a mile...no bueno my friends.

So I am going to challenge myself to increase my healthy eating, and decrease my greasy, carbonated, cheesed slathered desires.

This includes:
Giving up diet cokes {I hope y'all realize how LARGE this is}
No more fried foods
Staying away from Red Meat
And keeping the processed food to a minimum.

Ugh as I'm typing this I'm craving cheddar jalapeƱo Cheetos, a diet coke with a side of chocolate chips and a big 'ol spoon of peanut butter.

I haven't really used this running challenge of a way to lose weight. And I really haven't lost any weight, but I am gaining much more muscle and I feel stronger. It feels good!
Definitely enjoy the fit look rather than skinny minnie look. But that's just me in this realistic world.
Abercrombie big wig...I hope you have pulled your foot out of your mouth. WRONG comment to make buddy.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated to eat clean?

Have you seen this week's favorite things giveaway? Only a handful have entered and it could be YOU this week!

Happy Hump Day,


  1. oh girl, I'm way impressed you're giving up the diet coke! I think that might be the one thing I could never do without.

    that's INCREDIBLE that you've already clocked so many miles! I would love to read more about your training... I'm just getting into running and having a heck of a time with it. I agree about the motivation piece!

    once you get into your schedule all of the chores and side stress will fall in place! :) and just be happy you don't have a boring desk job... yuck!

  2. I am trying to start eating more clean as well! So sad to see my goldfish crackers go. I am a child.

  3. Since living on my own my eating habits have gotten SO much better!!! I'm at the point where junk doesn't even sound good, and in the rare instance it does, I regret it within minutes and generally can't even finish. It's amazing what your body does!! You can count on me to help keep you accountable! I also took pictures of myself when I started my healthy eating/workout lifestyle and it feels amazing to compare the then/vs now!! I feel great!

  4. OHMYGOSHJALAPENOCHEETOS... I've been on a 97% clean diet for almost a month. If you can do it, DOO IIITT! It makes such a huge difference in how I feel, and my face has cleared up dramatically (not that it was terrible to begin with) and my workouts are much better. I'm officially 29 days without coke, and nothing calls to me like a rt 44 coke from Sonic at happy hour. I'd read all about your training. :)


  5. wow!! I need to run...I can't even imagine myself running(pretty sad) I love how your so motivated and you really do what you plan! I am such a procrastinator!:)

  6. It is actually a dream/goal of mine to be a runner ... right now I can't run to the corner without feeling like I'm dying ... but I am determined to be able to be a runner at some point! Stopping by from the Weekend Wanderer linkup :)