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It it with much sadness to say that Joe and I will be away this week after the extremely unexpected death of his step-father.
Rex is a man of character as well as pride. 
He served his country and family daily; not only as a member of the service and Texas state trooper, but a God fearing man.
 Rex left an amazing legacy, and we are sad to have only been graced with his presence for such a short amount of time. 
We love you Rex!

Joe and I will be in Texas this week, and thus away from the blog. Thanks for your understanding and love.

Life according to my iPhone



1// April and I's sweet [trendy] finds in NYC
2// Amazing NYC pizza perfect after a Sunday night full of too much fun
3// Trying a "Scotch Egg"hard boiled egg inside a sausage meatball then deep fried...YUM
4// View from the "beach" on Lake George in upstate NY
5// Just some afternoon shopping at Tiffany's...no big deal
6// Awesome chandelier in Grand Central Station

Short and sweet post today! Full NYC adventures to come later this week...hi ho, hi ho, back to work I go!

Step by step, inch by inch


Cue The Black Eyed Peas...Runnin' Runnin' and Runnin' Runnin'

I must admit something...I fell off the running wagon and I MUST run, catch up, and jump back on.
For any new readers to these parts of the web, I am signed up and financially committed to running a half marathon this early September.
Check out more of the details here if you're interested.

The last time I ran was probably two weeks ago and it was only 3 miles...that being said, and according to my training program, I should be saddled up to run 5 miles this weekend.
That my friends, makes me huff and puff and sweaty just thinking about it.

BUT...you know there always has to be a big but...
I am going to plow through because I have you all to keep me motivated, and like I said previously, I'm already financially committed (smart move sub conscience).

Motivation for this week:
1. I need to break in my new Brooks running shoes. I just know these will take all the huffs, puffs, and sweaty thoughts away!

2. I found iTunes gift cards and shall be downloading new tunes. Suggestions are needed PLEASE!

3. We found a new set of trails that we are waiting to check out

4. Joe is putting us on a diet this week...EEEEK. 
Believe me when I say we packed on a few too many lbs during this past winter's hibernation. 

I am still thankful to have shared this running journey with you, because I think I would have already given up by now and it would not even be a thought in my mind. 
So thank you...yes you
You are my motivation because I wouldn't want to fail in front of the world wide web! 
So here's to not throwing in the towel and runnin' runnin'

Please share your favorite workout songs!

Linking up "Just Because"

To Complete or Compete


The radio station I listen to has a wonderful daily message from the Proverbs 31 ministries. If you have never heard of them, I urge you to stop by their website and check out their daily blog entries!

As I was listening to the radio the other day I heard these wonderful words, and it made me realize how much more competition there is, than completion. 

As women, it is our responsibility to each other to build each other up. There are so many other factors in this world that bring one another down. I think many of you can relate. As in, think of the movie Mean Girls. Ughh it brings back less than delightful memories from the good old high school days.

I hope this message brings light to you today, I know it did for me.

Have you ever wondered why you’re the way you are, or why you do things the way you do? 
From the time I was in Jr. High, I didn't really like who I was. 
I compared myself to girls around me and tried to figure out who people liked most, 
so I could be like them. It was exhausting!
Comparison is our worst enemy because it leaves us confused and discontent. 
My friend summed it well one day while we were talking about comparison. She said, 
When I compare myself with someone else, I can never measure up because I’m comparing my insides with their outsides.
Comparison becomes a competition but no one wins! 
God never intended for women to compete with each other; He wants us to complete each other. 
We need to encourage each other’s strengths and be who God created us to be.

The Mr. Behind the Blog


I found a great blog topic and thought I would share with my loving readers!
Today, my hubby will be taking over the blog to answer a few questions during  
"Boys Behind The Blog Series"
And excuse me, Joe would like me to correct it to Boys Men...oops!

Boys Behind The Blog

1. Does your wife/girlfriend/fiance use your real name or a nickname on her blog?
-"I think she always refers to me as the sweet husband Joseph...definitely"
Truth...ish I do call him Joseph but don't always add in the sweet. Hubby is definitely a popular one I use as well

2. If you had a blog, what would the title be?
- "The Vault, because it wouldn't be a public blog. Sharing my feelings out loud to the world, really isn't my thing."
Love my mysterious hubby! He does have a lot of thought provoking emotion but prefers to keep it under wraps.

3. Do you ever feel ignored by her because of the blog?
-"Never, she is an A+ multitasker!"
Phew I'm glad I passed that one! I usually blog while Joe either watches comedy central or plays a few video games. You know, boy things!

4. How has her blog changed or evolved throughout your relationship?
-"At the beginning her blog was more photo journalism related as well as fashion.
Now her blog has more emotional content, deeper posts and great stories about the two of us."
When I first started this blog, I was timid to share my "true" feelings. 
I have enjoyed getting back to the root of actual journaling.

5. What is your favorite post on her blog?
-"Probably "Let's Talk About Death."
I like that her words were able to touch and speak volumes to people.
Seeing the response she got from readers was an encouragement that she is doing the right thing."
All truth! I enjoyed writing that post!

From the hubby's laptop to yours,

When Dog Hair is an Accessory visits The Lone Star State


Hey Y'all! The hubs and I are spending a few days down in the good 'ol South seeing family and friends. While I'm away I left my corner of the blogsphere in my gal Adriana's hands.
Check out her pretty true to life tips about the good 'ol Lone Star State and be sure to stop by her blog where she shares some seriously funny stories that include her sassy pup Lil! 
See y'all later this week. I'm off to find some fajitas, a strong margarita and kick up my heels!
I blog over at Dog Hair Is An Accessory and I'm so excited to be here while Casey is away visiting fam in Texas. I also love Texas. Tom and I went to visit friends in Dallas last year and we had a blast! Casey is off having a fantastic time with family and friends and because I totally wish I was there too, I am sharing with you the most important things to know about The Lone Star State! If you never have been there, once you read this post you'll be able to picture it perfectly. It's pretty much exactly what you'd think...

there are cowboys everywhere. men always wear 10 gallon hats. the girls wear smaller hats but they have them. you can get them in any color to match your outfit but you'll look pretty silly if you don't have one. get one before you go or make it a point to get one as soon as you hop off the plane.

these are a must. wearing sandals? you look dumb. yea they're expensive but if you're gonna be there for more than, like, 20 minutes they're worth it. and don't get cheap ones either. Texans can tell. go to a real leather shop. you can find some good shiz!

these guys basically have the run of Texas. they cross the highways sometimes but it's NBD. the herds are pretty big so it may be an inconveince. plan ahead and factor that into travel time.

these are the two food options they serve in Texas. BBQ includes chicken, pulled pork, brisket, ribs. plus you got you dry rubs, and your sauces. something for everyone. if you don't like BBQ it's fine! you can have tacos! or burritos or quesadillas, fajitas, nachos, chalupas,  guacamole, really anything you can get at tacobell but way better. plus you can basically find any flavor margarita ever.

while driving around, be aware of the horses. most locals get around this way. it causes some ickyness on the streets and all but it's not a big problem. you should also make sure you know how to ride well before you go since you may want to join the locals on a trial ride. 

So that's Texas for you! You should visit soon, I recommend it. Until then tho, come visit ME on my blog, twitter, facebook and instagram!

Leaving on a jet plane


   1 WINNER!!
As you know, Laura from Girl in Flight is a fantastic designer at Sophie&Rory designs.
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and of course me!  I'm giving away a $25 Etsy giftcard in case you want to buy your own blog design from Laura!  And if you don't, because you don't need one duh,... I mean, how awesome is Etsy!?
So enter this giveaway. Follow all these kick ass bloggers. Check out all our awesome blog designs. And last but not least,  

Hang on to your marbles!


ALLLLL right...where the heck has June gone?

The next few weeks and weekends are booked solid with a trip home, trip to NYC, lots of work and then BAM it's the first of July. Thats just wrong.

Can you believe our adventure to the North East happened 6 months ago? I, along with my mom, might be the first to tell you that we didn't know if I'd make it up here for 6 months...man have I surprised us both!
Today I just wanted to share an update with our readers about how we have been holding up (emotionally) after about 6 months of living in the North East. You've seen our adventures, visitors, and  mishaps in the past six months and reflecting back on these things has made me entirely grateful!

 How to survive a move across the country while hanging onto those proverbial marbles

Secure an amazing support system at home.
I am grateful for the 7+ visitors who have already so graciously come and visited us. I can tell you without a doubt, that is what has made this transition so much easier. It's the love we have felt from friends and family wanting to see our new home.

Skype if your best friend.
Skype, FaceTime and Snapchat have literally been great tools to help us feel connected to the faces and voices back home that we miss so much. Without this world of technology I do believe that it would be much, much harder to be away.

Get plugged in.
One of our first tasks we knew had to be conquered when we arrived up here was to find a new church home.
So much go into selecting the perfect home for your faith. We wanted a church with young couples that were in our same walk of life. We wanted a pastor who taught heavily out of the bible, and was able to relay the message in ways that we could carry out the Word on a daily basis outside of church.

I am so happy to say that we have found EXACTLY that! We have met amazing couples from the church who keep us rooted in our faith and serve as accountability partners in life when it is so much easier to just turn away from religion.

Explore, Explore, Explore.
Go out, drive around and just get lost. This was the best way for me to figure out my bearings. We always try to eat at a local restaurant rather than chain and we use YELP to find out what is going on in our home town. Through this method we have found delicious restaurants, visited festivals, chased down food trucks and photographed beautiful scenery.

I can't wait to get out this summer and really explore the Adirondacks along with all of the beautiful lakes that the "locals" rave about.

Be prepared for any and all weather.
Back home I would switch out my wardrobe based on seasons. Hah, let me back up. I would switch out clothes between hot, and warm.
The "out season" would remain under the bed until the weather changed.
Here, I still have my sweaters and long sleeves hanging in the closet. And I will tell you now that I currently have a long sleeve shirt and jeans on for the day.
Crazy! It has gotten "hot" up here, which simply means 80 degrees with about 99% humidity.
Each day is a new climate...so one must always be prepared.

Overall I think we have adjusted much better than we would have ever thought.
I still find myself thinking that oh this is just temporary (which we hope it is), but 5 years is not so temporary so I try not to think of it that way!
We take things and adventures day by day and have loved it so far.
I would honestly recommend a move to any new couple looking to figure out life together.

Question: When exactly do you become a local in your new hometown? I don't feel like we are there yet, but we are sure going to fake it until we make it!

From our home to yours,

Recipe for a Happy Marriage


Just like last Wednesday, today I will be sharing with you more stories to document our first year of marriage.

The following "recipe" is one I received from my sweet God Mother at my bridal shower. As I loved ALL of the recipes I received from family and friends, this one was definitely my favorite. 

Every single "ingredient" is imperative to any relationship and its a great daily reminder of what I need to keep a happy marriage.

Today's topic is "Hardest moments from the first year of marriage"

For Joe and I, marriage has treated us well. And as I have repeated 3458974 too many times, I think all newlyweds should have the chance to move away to really figure out how to solidify their marriage together. 

Since moving, our relationship has really established it's roots as husband and wife. 
We are the only ones here for each other, during good times and bad.
This was an extremely hard concept for me at first... 

When Joe and I would get into a [minor] scuffle about chores or other minuscule things around the house, I would usually be able to remove myself from the situation, go hang out with the girls, and put it behind me. 

Now...I do not have my girlfriends to run to just right across the apartment [ I lived with three other girls in college]. 
I get to sit there and stew over the pet peeves that become more apparent because it's just me and the hubby.
Now, thankfully over the past months this has turned into a positive. 
I now know how to change my words, actions, and tone to let Joe know that I need some help or not. 
Had we not been forced to figure it out on our own, it could still be an issue. 
Thus, I'm learning patience...hallelujah!

During our dating years I was always extremely cautious to spread my time evenly between Joe, my family, and my friends. This never posed a problem because time was shared and I never thought that I was missing out on things.
Since moving, I do feel like I am missing out on a lot of things at home. 
I have to remember that it is a positive because otherwise, I might not be giving my new hubby the time he deserves.

As our relationship transformed from dating to engagement to marriage I began to see that my roles would be shifting. I would now owe the majority of my time to my new husband. This was something that I think I would have much more trouble with if I was back home. [Another backwards positive]

I think these may be all things that newlyweds are dealing with in one shape or another. Any advice for our newlywed lives?

Thanks for stopping by today!
Linking up with other newlyweds who are sharing some of their hardest moments.
Chamel's Creations Blog

What's in a name?


So what is the meaning behind the name "Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure"?

I'm sure many of you could take a few guesses and would probably be spot on.
I remember in the first few weeks that Joe and I learned that we would be making the 1,700 mile move, I looked for positives and ways I would cope.

Journaling had always been something I had done for years. Oh yes, I was a "Dear diary" gal.
Advice? Don't knock it 'til you try it! But heck I'm talking to bloggers...and preaching to the choir.

I was in the car with my sister and aunt talking about the idea of the blog and how it would save me through the harsh winters and it would be a place where I would document my new life as a wife.
I wanted it to have a title that gave you the nitty gritty, but it had to be a little creative...insert alliteration.

I wanted an adjective to describe this new adventure, and to make it something to live up to. Again these were my coping mechanisms, which by the way, have worked thus far.

Back to the car scenario, my aunt and sister were throwing out "A" adjectives to try and find the perfect alliterative adjective for this Aslan adventure.

Thats when "Auspicious" was thrown out...now really why would I be going into an entire post about one silly adjective?
Besides having a vocabulary lesson, I think it fits really well, and reminds me that we have something to live up to while we're here.


  1. Conducive to success; favorable: "an auspicious moment to hold an election".
  2. Giving or being a sign of future success.
favourable - favorable - propitious - fortunate

Now when you're finding ways to cope, and "being a sign of future success" fits perfectly for your adventure, it stuck!

My posts started out as new Mrs[haps] and the silly blunders I had stumbled upon while trying to figure out the fancy gadgets that we had received from our wedding registry, or the vacuum from germany that had both Joe and I stumped for a solid day.

I do feel that I have drifted away from just sharing our daily routines with everyone and I intend to get back into that. I love the blogging community, but I also realize that some may not understand it, or the things I post/do. So it will now be my mission to get back to the roots of this blog and share our evolving adventure!
From our auspicious adventure to yours,
P.S. I have recently uploaded my photography portfolio! Let me know what you think!
Coffee & Conversation

Dear 18 year old me


Do you remember when you were 18? 
Do you remember thinking that "oh I can't wait until I can do things on my own", "well when I grow up..." "I wish I was older" etc.

I feel like I wished those young years away waiting for the years when I would become entirely independent and could make all decisions on my own. Did anyone else do these things?
I wish I could have temporarily pushed the fast forward button to see what life would bring me, and that I should sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride!

Dear 18 year old me,

I wish you were able to understand the sacrifices your parents made for you growing up. They are not your enemies and will one day become your best friends. Cherish the time you share with them, as dad always said...you will miss them when they are gone.

Is that harmful relationship you're in doing anyone any good? You will never be able to "save" him and you deserve so much more. In fact, you will marry a man who will surpass all of your wants and needs in a man. Leave that boy behind.

Your sister is pretty cool, she may think you're weird now, but she will love you so much later in life. Give her a break.

Be more outgoing. Say hello to others. Take time to smile and speak to your elders. Don't hide your faith.

Enjoy the debt free life. Paying bills isn't as cool as it looks.

Your parents may embarrass you now. You will live through it and it won't even phase you in years to come.

Your 24 year old self
Casey Aslan

What things do you wish you could tell your 18 year old self? I admire 18 year olds that I meet who have their head on their shoulder more than I might even now. 

Prom 2007 with my best friends from high school

Right after Joe and I had met. We look like babies!!

And a BIG happy birthday to my sweet friend April Nicole! I hate that I am not with you on your special day! Love you!

When I almost got sucker punched


This June I am joining other newlywed women and sharing stories from our first year of marriage. 
You only get the first year once, why not capture as much as possible?

Today's post will share some of the funniest moments from our first year of marriage.
I love this, because every day I feel like we are cracking up about something that the other did, or something relevant to being the 
"newbs on the block"

Growing up my dad always LOVED scaring my mom, sister and I. We would hate every second of it, but he would always have the biggest belly laughs after hearing our reaction.

Since spending time with my family, Joe has now learned that he to believes that it's funny to scare me. Mutiple times he has jumped out from behind doors, grabbed me when I had my back towards him etc...

One day I came home early and Joe was in the bathroom taking a shower.
I figured that I would just give him a little dose of his own medicine and "surprise" him.
As I'm hiding outside of the door trying to stifle my giggles, Joe walks out of the bathroom, around the corner and unsuspectingly finds me.

I screamed "Boo", and his face was absolutely priceless and full of terror. Next thing I know, Joe lets out a ARGH and raises his hand as if to deliver a sucker punch (good to know for future reference).
Thankfully he unrolls his fist and just shoos me out of the way. Haha I about died from laughing so hard I was crying.

Oh man, it still makes me belly laugh thinking about the look on his face. Priceless!
Although it was funny, I will no longer be risking a punch from my hubby. Not intentional of course, just a natural instinct. At least I know he would be ready to protect me!

This may not be as funny to you, but we die laughing about it.
Or that one time...Joe was acting like a pro bowler while playing Wii and about shattered our glass entertainment stand to smithereens

Stay tuned next Wednesday for more stories from our first year of marriage.
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A little love from Idaho!


Remember last month when I teamed up with two awesome ladies for the pen-pal "Carabox" exchange...well I was able to participate again this month and was paired with two more wonderful gals!

cara (car-rah) noun : beloved friend

Awesome things in the mail + Meeting new women + Encouragement = Cara Box

Thanks to the wonderful lady of Wifessionals for creating this monthly box swap. 

The theme this month were gifts from your state/region. It was fun getting to explore some of the facts about our new home state. 

I was the "gifter" to Ashley from Wannabe Green. You can see her post, and what I sent her here.

I was lucky enough to receive a wonderful package full of great gifts from Heather. Heather lives in Idaho and I loved getting to learn more about the great state famous for the potato! 

The Goods!

Awesome "potato cooking bag" can't wait for this!
This hand therapy cream is AMAZING and great for dry hands!

LOVED all of my potato goodies...there was even a potato candy bar but it didn't last but five minutes out of the bag...remember the hubby with the sweet tooth?

A huge thanks to Heather!