Missing "Blogland"


Apologies go out to my wonderful readers for being an UBER slacker on the blog this week.
I am still trying to figure out a good balance between work and posting....still is the key word.

I want to thank EVERYONE for participating in my Favorite Things Giveaways. I did these giveaways because I am so thankful for the supportive community I have connected with.

1st I want to announce that our latest winner is Veronica from Passion Pink Pearls!
She is actually off celebrating her first year of wedded bliss so I'm sure she will be excited to hear the news when she returns.

Quick update on the Aslan's lives via my iPhone photos....enjoy

Life Lately...

1// My good friend is in town visiting us from Texas! Can't wait to show her our new hometown
2// I received my amazing Carabox from Heather. Can't wait to show you what I got!
3// Sneak peek from my newborn session I was able to photograph on Thursday
4// We had a pretty large storm here on Wednesday. Tornado and flash flood warnings...oh my. But the wonderful silver lining after the huge storm was a massive rainbow that could be seen for miles.
5// We found the BEST ice cream spot in Troy, NY. Snowman has been around forever and is definitely a spot for the locals!
6// On Memorial Day we were able to lay out by the pool! A little chilly, but definitely worth it!

I promise to be much more engaged this week!
I have stories to share...like the one time I had dinner with an incredibly sweet and incredibly famous blogger and didn't even know it! Yep...it's true! 

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  1. Gosh, you're such a slacker. ;)

    Yay Veronica! You pick the best winners.

    Can't wait to see what's in your cara box!

  2. Can't wait to see what's in your cara box! And remember, blogging is supposed to be fun! Your job is always going to come first! Much love, muah!


  3. I absolutely love that newborn photo! And cute props. :) Did you end up using any lighting or backgrounds? I never know if I should purchase any of that stuff.

  4. HOORAY still can't believe I won!!! Your photography work looks amazing! :)