Recipe for a Happy Marriage


Just like last Wednesday, today I will be sharing with you more stories to document our first year of marriage.

The following "recipe" is one I received from my sweet God Mother at my bridal shower. As I loved ALL of the recipes I received from family and friends, this one was definitely my favorite. 

Every single "ingredient" is imperative to any relationship and its a great daily reminder of what I need to keep a happy marriage.

Today's topic is "Hardest moments from the first year of marriage"

For Joe and I, marriage has treated us well. And as I have repeated 3458974 too many times, I think all newlyweds should have the chance to move away to really figure out how to solidify their marriage together. 

Since moving, our relationship has really established it's roots as husband and wife. 
We are the only ones here for each other, during good times and bad.
This was an extremely hard concept for me at first... 

When Joe and I would get into a [minor] scuffle about chores or other minuscule things around the house, I would usually be able to remove myself from the situation, go hang out with the girls, and put it behind me. 

Now...I do not have my girlfriends to run to just right across the apartment [ I lived with three other girls in college]. 
I get to sit there and stew over the pet peeves that become more apparent because it's just me and the hubby.
Now, thankfully over the past months this has turned into a positive. 
I now know how to change my words, actions, and tone to let Joe know that I need some help or not. 
Had we not been forced to figure it out on our own, it could still be an issue. 
Thus, I'm learning patience...hallelujah!

During our dating years I was always extremely cautious to spread my time evenly between Joe, my family, and my friends. This never posed a problem because time was shared and I never thought that I was missing out on things.
Since moving, I do feel like I am missing out on a lot of things at home. 
I have to remember that it is a positive because otherwise, I might not be giving my new hubby the time he deserves.

As our relationship transformed from dating to engagement to marriage I began to see that my roles would be shifting. I would now owe the majority of my time to my new husband. This was something that I think I would have much more trouble with if I was back home. [Another backwards positive]

I think these may be all things that newlyweds are dealing with in one shape or another. Any advice for our newlywed lives?

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  1. I'm loving reading your newlywed info since I'm a brand spankin' new newly wed! :)

  2. This post is so true. And moving away definitely makes your marriage more solid! We moved to Scotland a week or two after our wedding and it was... interesting. I remember many fights but things got A LOT better in the long run. :)

  3. If Tom would ever move anywhere I'd love to do that haha you guys are so cute tho!

  4. Hi this recipe! Thanks for participating in the "2 Blessed 2 Be Stressed" Wednesday Blog Hop! I pray that you are having a blessed day and remember that God expects progress not perfection! We are perfect through him! Be blessed!

  5. So glad I found your blog!! Love it! Followed with GFC and I also nominated you for the Liebster Award! The post will be on my blog shortly!

  6. We didn't move away but we were already far from family in our college hometown and I agree..being away from family means you have to rely on each other and the Lord instead of running home when things are tough.

    Glad your writing with us!

  7. I am so glad and thankful that you linked up with us and shared your heart. This type of post floating around in blogsphere was my main goal and desire when creating the link-up for the other Brides out there! I hope other women feel just as inspired by marriage as I did when reading your post! I hope you will plan to link up with us next week for question #3!