The Mr. Behind the Blog


I found a great blog topic and thought I would share with my loving readers!
Today, my hubby will be taking over the blog to answer a few questions during  
"Boys Behind The Blog Series"
And excuse me, Joe would like me to correct it to Boys Men...oops!

Boys Behind The Blog

1. Does your wife/girlfriend/fiance use your real name or a nickname on her blog?
-"I think she always refers to me as the sweet husband Joseph...definitely"
Truth...ish I do call him Joseph but don't always add in the sweet. Hubby is definitely a popular one I use as well

2. If you had a blog, what would the title be?
- "The Vault, because it wouldn't be a public blog. Sharing my feelings out loud to the world, really isn't my thing."
Love my mysterious hubby! He does have a lot of thought provoking emotion but prefers to keep it under wraps.

3. Do you ever feel ignored by her because of the blog?
-"Never, she is an A+ multitasker!"
Phew I'm glad I passed that one! I usually blog while Joe either watches comedy central or plays a few video games. You know, boy things!

4. How has her blog changed or evolved throughout your relationship?
-"At the beginning her blog was more photo journalism related as well as fashion.
Now her blog has more emotional content, deeper posts and great stories about the two of us."
When I first started this blog, I was timid to share my "true" feelings. 
I have enjoyed getting back to the root of actual journaling.

5. What is your favorite post on her blog?
-"Probably "Let's Talk About Death."
I like that her words were able to touch and speak volumes to people.
Seeing the response she got from readers was an encouragement that she is doing the right thing."
All truth! I enjoyed writing that post!

From the hubby's laptop to yours,


  1. So sweet! Such a cute idea and your husband seems so supportive! Great job sweet husband Joseph! :)

  2. This is so Cute!! I'm gonna see if I can talk my hubby into this link up :-)

  3. Love it! I'm posting Bobby's answers tonight (this morning) when I get off work! I'm trying to make him write more haha

  4. So sweet that he knows what you blog. I don't think my husband has ever read a single one of mine, though he knows all about it.

  5. I just love reading these and seeing how all of the boys feel about our blogging!