What's in a name?


So what is the meaning behind the name "Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure"?

I'm sure many of you could take a few guesses and would probably be spot on.
I remember in the first few weeks that Joe and I learned that we would be making the 1,700 mile move, I looked for positives and ways I would cope.

Journaling had always been something I had done for years. Oh yes, I was a "Dear diary" gal.
Advice? Don't knock it 'til you try it! But heck I'm talking to bloggers...and preaching to the choir.

I was in the car with my sister and aunt talking about the idea of the blog and how it would save me through the harsh winters and it would be a place where I would document my new life as a wife.
I wanted it to have a title that gave you the nitty gritty, but it had to be a little creative...insert alliteration.

I wanted an adjective to describe this new adventure, and to make it something to live up to. Again these were my coping mechanisms, which by the way, have worked thus far.

Back to the car scenario, my aunt and sister were throwing out "A" adjectives to try and find the perfect alliterative adjective for this Aslan adventure.

Thats when "Auspicious" was thrown out...now really why would I be going into an entire post about one silly adjective?
Besides having a vocabulary lesson, I think it fits really well, and reminds me that we have something to live up to while we're here.


  1. Conducive to success; favorable: "an auspicious moment to hold an election".
  2. Giving or being a sign of future success.
favourable - favorable - propitious - fortunate

Now when you're finding ways to cope, and "being a sign of future success" fits perfectly for your adventure, it stuck!

My posts started out as new Mrs[haps] and the silly blunders I had stumbled upon while trying to figure out the fancy gadgets that we had received from our wedding registry, or the vacuum from germany that had both Joe and I stumped for a solid day.

I do feel that I have drifted away from just sharing our daily routines with everyone and I intend to get back into that. I love the blogging community, but I also realize that some may not understand it, or the things I post/do. So it will now be my mission to get back to the roots of this blog and share our evolving adventure!
From our auspicious adventure to yours,
P.S. I have recently uploaded my photography portfolio! Let me know what you think!
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  1. Your title is just precious! I love some alliteration :) thanks for linking up lady!

  2. I just thought it rocked that your name was Aslan. That part got my attention real fast! ;)

  3. good explaination. I'm already following you I think.

  4. I am right there with you on those who understand blog land and those who do not. I feel as though this post relates well to where I stand with my blog. Thanks for linking up with us! Your title is definitely very you! I am so glad to have met you and to be able to learn about your heart :)

  5. Love it! Here's to your future success!

  6. I loved learning about the meaning behind your blog! It's a tongue twister but I love the background!

  7. I'm so glad I found your blog - I really do love it!

    And that's the tricky part about blogging. At least for me. I'd love to write more about my life and travel, but then you get sucked into product reviews and a million other things. I need to get back to my roots too.

  8. I absolutely love your name and how unique it is in the blogging world!

  9. Love that your getting back to you and Joe on the blog. Those are my favorite topics!!!

    Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up!


  11. Just found your blog through Hang On, Honey, and I love it! (now a Bloglovin' follower) I hope you learn to love the Capital Region-- I went to Siena College right next to Albany and LOVED the area. I'd give anything to move back, enjoy!

  12. I've just written a post about the name of my blog, it was good to share my reasons behind it all.
    Sian Xxx