When Dog Hair is an Accessory visits The Lone Star State


Hey Y'all! The hubs and I are spending a few days down in the good 'ol South seeing family and friends. While I'm away I left my corner of the blogsphere in my gal Adriana's hands.
Check out her pretty true to life tips about the good 'ol Lone Star State and be sure to stop by her blog where she shares some seriously funny stories that include her sassy pup Lil! 
See y'all later this week. I'm off to find some fajitas, a strong margarita and kick up my heels!
I blog over at Dog Hair Is An Accessory and I'm so excited to be here while Casey is away visiting fam in Texas. I also love Texas. Tom and I went to visit friends in Dallas last year and we had a blast! Casey is off having a fantastic time with family and friends and because I totally wish I was there too, I am sharing with you the most important things to know about The Lone Star State! If you never have been there, once you read this post you'll be able to picture it perfectly. It's pretty much exactly what you'd think...

there are cowboys everywhere. men always wear 10 gallon hats. the girls wear smaller hats but they have them. you can get them in any color to match your outfit but you'll look pretty silly if you don't have one. get one before you go or make it a point to get one as soon as you hop off the plane.

these are a must. wearing sandals? you look dumb. yea they're expensive but if you're gonna be there for more than, like, 20 minutes they're worth it. and don't get cheap ones either. Texans can tell. go to a real leather shop. you can find some good shiz!

these guys basically have the run of Texas. they cross the highways sometimes but it's NBD. the herds are pretty big so it may be an inconveince. plan ahead and factor that into travel time.

these are the two food options they serve in Texas. BBQ includes chicken, pulled pork, brisket, ribs. plus you got you dry rubs, and your sauces. something for everyone. if you don't like BBQ it's fine! you can have tacos! or burritos or quesadillas, fajitas, nachos, chalupas,  guacamole, really anything you can get at tacobell but way better. plus you can basically find any flavor margarita ever.

while driving around, be aware of the horses. most locals get around this way. it causes some ickyness on the streets and all but it's not a big problem. you should also make sure you know how to ride well before you go since you may want to join the locals on a trial ride. 

So that's Texas for you! You should visit soon, I recommend it. Until then tho, come visit ME on my blog, twitter, facebook and instagram!


  1. Love Texas! Fun post :) I miss my home state

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  3. I love the pink cow boy hats. Totally awesome.


  4. Is that all there is to TX Casey?!