When I almost got sucker punched


This June I am joining other newlywed women and sharing stories from our first year of marriage. 
You only get the first year once, why not capture as much as possible?

Today's post will share some of the funniest moments from our first year of marriage.
I love this, because every day I feel like we are cracking up about something that the other did, or something relevant to being the 
"newbs on the block"

Growing up my dad always LOVED scaring my mom, sister and I. We would hate every second of it, but he would always have the biggest belly laughs after hearing our reaction.

Since spending time with my family, Joe has now learned that he to believes that it's funny to scare me. Mutiple times he has jumped out from behind doors, grabbed me when I had my back towards him etc...

One day I came home early and Joe was in the bathroom taking a shower.
I figured that I would just give him a little dose of his own medicine and "surprise" him.
As I'm hiding outside of the door trying to stifle my giggles, Joe walks out of the bathroom, around the corner and unsuspectingly finds me.

I screamed "Boo", and his face was absolutely priceless and full of terror. Next thing I know, Joe lets out a ARGH and raises his hand as if to deliver a sucker punch (good to know for future reference).
Thankfully he unrolls his fist and just shoos me out of the way. Haha I about died from laughing so hard I was crying.

Oh man, it still makes me belly laugh thinking about the look on his face. Priceless!
Although it was funny, I will no longer be risking a punch from my hubby. Not intentional of course, just a natural instinct. At least I know he would be ready to protect me!

This may not be as funny to you, but we die laughing about it.
Or that one time...Joe was acting like a pro bowler while playing Wii and about shattered our glass entertainment stand to smithereens

Stay tuned next Wednesday for more stories from our first year of marriage.
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  1. hahahaaha! Next time, stand right outside the bathroom door as close as you can with your face staring straight at what eye level would be. Oh, people LOVE it when they open the door!

  2. Oh my! I laughed just reading it! I can only imagine how funny that would be! :) Glad you dodged the fist though! ;)

  3. Glad you didn't get punched! :) This sounds like something my husband would do.