Aslan Abode: Part I


I have had a few requests for a tour of the Aslan Abode. Now I'm by no means any sort of interior decorator so don't judge too harshly! I'm not even sure what the "theme" of our home would be.

I leu of getting a new office chair, I thought I would start off by sharing our office nook with you. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in the apartment. I hate that these pictures are blurry...they were taken with the Canon but edited on my phone. Not the greatest quality. 

1// "Prayer Jar" that Joe's mom gave us the night before out wedding. All prayers that have been answered are placed in the jar and are remembered and given thanks! Very AWESOME!
2// Sculpture is one that has been in the family for YEARS. Even though it's quite unique, it has been one of my favorites since the bridal shower. So glad it made it to New York in one piece!
3// "Drool Art" made by the hubby. This is a product of what goes on in the lab on a daily basis. Not quite sure of the process involved, but it is a useful vase nonetheless.
Better picture of the sculpture. It has a man's face in the center. 
Also, the very bottom book in the stack is Joe's dissertation/thesis. So very proud of him for this accomplishment!
This is my little corner of the desk...I LOVE the background on my computer. "Awake my soul to sing" 
I will not take credit for it, but I forget where I found if I do, I will share! And of course my corner must be decked out in peonies! 
If you're looking for a great daily devotional, be sure and check out "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. 
It seriously gets me through the rough days! 

P.S. Sorry for the RIDICULOUS spacing issues in this post...I cannot figure out the issue. Enjoy the white space!

From our little space, to yours,
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  1. yay peonies! cute nook. thanks for sharing!

  2. I need to get our apartment set up to have real usable space. Every time I try my mind goes blank and I want to cry.

  3. so pretty lady! You should link up with Samantha! She does a link-up that is a month long for you to add pictures of your own home!

  4. Cute desk! And love the idea of the prayer jar.

  5. I love your desk! Especially with all the stuff around it... I really need lots of things to stare at when I zone out while working :D

  6. Hello! New follower here. I think I found you through "Back East Blonde." Your blog is adorable, and so is your office :-) I look forward to following along with more auspicious adventures!

  7. I just found you through the better blogging network (also discovered them today!) Love everything about your blog- your name and cute little bio! It is fresh and unique. I'm also a newlywed blogger so I loved reading your posts.