Home Alone


Casey, pity party of one, your table is now ready...
Serious guys I get a little sappy when Joe leaves on business trips. Where did that fiery independent woman go who could "do life" sans man circa 6 years ago?

Oh that's right...she got swept off her feet and turned into a puddle of goo because of a handsome man.
Ok, ok sorry I'm probably gagging you right about now.

Unfortunately Joe has to travel about every other month for training purposes with his new job, and I am left in the big scary apartment to fend for myself in the wild North East...haha whiney right?
Well I decided that instead of lulling you to sleep with whining moping, I thought I would share the few positives to my week alone.

1. I get to eat ALLLLL the meatless dinners I please! Joe isn't a huge fan of dinners without meat, and I love everything all veggies have to offer. We always seem to meet in the middle...but I'm breaking out the broccoli and mushrooms this week and going to town.

This is a no meat zone! Carbs welcome!
Is butter a carb? YES! (catch that one?)
 2. I can continue my seasons of Pretty Little Liars on netflix. I'm pretty sure Joe is allergic to chick flicks so we refrain when it comes to sharing TV space on weeknights.

3. I get to sprawl aka "starfish" as Joe likes to call it smack in the middle of the king sized bed...life is gooooood!

4. Because Joe's car is gone, I get to take over the sweet underground parking spot at the apartment.

5. I get to pick up beautiful pity pick-me-up flowers to cheer up a sad apartment.
I actually do this on a weekly basis but shhhhhh we don't have to tell.

Peonies are a girls best friend
So there you have it, I have no real reason to be mopey. I mean he will be back on Thursday... I know a few gals who have it WAY worse off than I do. So I thank you women for being stronger than I!

I realize that the title of this post could bring on some serious stalkers...so stay away you stalker you. Just because the hubby is gone doesn't mean you can come pull antics on me. Hey, just thought I'd throw it in there...

Check in tomorrow for a sweet Tuesday that will pick anyone up! FREE STUFF!

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  1. *giggles* Can I come over and share your jalapeno cheetos? :)

    Peonies are my absolute favorite flower in the whole world. Boo that darn wedding bouquet mishap. :(

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this post! I am currently on Day 22 without my husband, and I have about 18 more to go. This is the first time we've been separated for more than one night since we've been married. Needless to say, I get pretty pouty and sad myself. I feel like I could have written numbers 1-3 myself. Except I sleep on his pillow with him when he is home. He's given up trying to stop me. Haha

  3. Mmm Carbs are my Fave!!! I wish I could say I'll be over in 15 minutes with Beer Bread and Caprese Cheese Dip! ;-) xo

  4. Hahaha, as much as I hate when my fiance is away, there is something so cozy about having the place all to myself and having my little pup by my side to protect me! My guilty pleasure becomes lifetime movies... can't get enough!

  5. I do the same thing when my DH is out of town. I love love love tuna noodle casserole and he hates it. So whenever he is out town, that is what I eat.

  6. Monday is down now though, and just think you'll sleep wonderfully all starfish like in your bed. Cute post

  7. Yes! Learning early on to take care of you during the down time :)

  8. It is kind of nice to have some time to yourself (and a whole bed) haha ;)

  9. Haha this is totally me when my H goes away for training or whatever. Suddenly chocolate ice cream, cheez its, and wine are completely acceptable dinner choices, along with the obligatory chick flick ;) Enjoy being the starfish while you can!

  10. I love grocery-shopping-for-one! Except mine isn't usually as healthy as yours... I tend towards cereal or a pack of cookies for dinner and junk-food in between. Pair that with chick flicks and I'm content, for a while :)

  11. does joe go away on weekends too? we could totally have girl time!!

  12. I love those yogurts, raisin bread, and mushrooms!! I'll eat all the mushrooms you want with you next time I see you!! We've done pretty well so far since you've been gone, we need to keep it up!


    And every girl deserves fresh flowers, even if we buy them for ourselves! :)

  13. You make me smile!!!