River Oasis


Today I ran the farthest I have run EVER (5.6 miles). It felt amazing afterwards but I was asking all kind of WHY ME's? during the process. I still have quite a ways to go before the big 13.1

One of my favorite things about the North East is how green it is. Yes, simple as that, it's green.
Back home things are marginally "green" but mostly burnt and brown. Up here I am able to be distracted by the beauty of the nature while running. I often find myself looking side to side during my runs which takes a lot of the noticeable aches and pains away.

I thought I would share with you the beauty of my morning run this morning.
It was so refreshing, even in the intense humidity. It was just me, my Gungor Pandora station and the Hudson river flowing directly beside me.

This whole running gig has turned into more of a therapy rather than work. As soon as I hit the pavement my mind turns off and I am just able to disconnect and take in the sights and sounds of nature. The stressors of life take the back burner and I am at peace.
It's a wonderful feeling that I would highly recommend to anyone!

Meet: The Corning Preserve

The Hudson is divided up into different "River Islands"

It always makes me laugh because I often think that I'm getting away from real life on my runs, and then I'm always reminded that I'm not in some river oasis but really in the city! 

Short post today, but hey it's Friday and I'm also posting over on Rachel's blog: Postcards from Rachel. Stop by and say hi!

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  1. I love running on great trails. The scenery definitely makes the run more enjoyable and miles fly by! When is the half you're training for?

  2. um gorg. I would run way more often if that was my scenery!

  3. Totally jealous! My views are the opposite, and as you described, burnt and brown here in Texas! Gorgeous pictures; thanks for sharing!

  4. One of the most exciting parts for me about moving up north is how pretty everything looks! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!

  5. SO gorgeous! I miss New England!

  6. If I had scenery like that I might be able to run....yeah, probably not. Found your through Postcards from Rachel. New follower. I would love to have you stop by my piece of blogland: www.lifeinhigheels.com

  7. How pretty! I refuse to run unless I have a scenically-pleasing backdrop!

  8. The banks of the Hudson are so lush and green, I love it!
    I did the opposite of you, I moved from New York to Texas. I'm in France now, but I still consider myself a NY/TX girl :)

  9. You have such pretty running views! I wish I had the same, but Oklahoma isn't too lush right now :) AWESOME job on your run! You will totally rock that 13.1. I linked over from another blog, and I'm so excited to see you're a runner! I just ran my first marathon in April, and it was amazing. Finishing your first half will be the best feeling of your life. Hope you have a great day!