Genie in the bottle: 3 wishes


Remember last Tuesday I made three little wishes for the week? No?
Well this time last week I set a whopping 3 goals to have accomplished by this week, and its time to reveal the truth.

1// Conquer my dreaded ten mile run on Thursday. KT Tape will definitely be in it's near future...stay tuned for a further post on the greatness of KT Tape.
2// Read my Bible every night with Joe. We've slacked this past week and need to jump back into it.

3// Begin operation: we will have family in town in a month and the last of the clutter has!

  • Well I wasn't able to make it a full ten miles, but I did make it eight. I have had knee issues lately so I've turned to KT tape to help. I made a "noob" mistake and didn't apply the tape an hour before my run like suggested, and around mile five the tape fell off and the knee pain returned. Bummer... but I am aiming for a ten again this upcoming weekend. Only 26 days until race day...YIKES!
  • Joe and I improved on reading our Bible, but could continue to work on it. I've enjoyed getting to dive into the stories, some of which I have forgotten since I was young.
  • Operation de-clutter did not happen as planned. I worked this weekend and didn't get a chance to become suddenly motivated to organize...BUT I do have a wonderful husband who cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, folded laundry AND changed the sheets. I was in awe!
Wishes this week:
1// Conquer the ten mile run with correct KT tape application.
2// Stick to our new budget which only allows eating out twice during the week...I'm the worst at this!
3// Continue work on etsy shop debut...get excited!

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  1. Hey, at least you made it 5 miles..I don't even think I can do that..3.5 is my limit haha... and excited for the Etsy shop debut! We set an eating out goal of only twice a month! So far it hasn't been too bad...

  2. I ran 10 on Saturday, and it was loooong. I also gave myself a blister. Gah! Long runs are a pain in my butt ;)

  3. You should come live here, I never eat out during the week ... mainly because we maybe have 2 options. haha :-)

  4. Etsy shop?! What?! I need details!! :)

  5. You win some, you lose some :) All the best for your new goals!! :D

  6. I'm excited to see what you will sell in your etsy shop!

  7. Good luck with your goals. I'm so excited for your etsy shop!