Have you met Mr. Grace?


Short post for today.
Yesterday in church we had an amazing sermon that focused a lot on the complacent and self righteous Christian.
It was extremely humbling and one that I will return to over, and over again. I will be sure and post the sermon link as soon as it's posted online.

A part in the sermon that really hit home, was when the pastor addressed the congregation asking us if we are
Mr./Mrs. Law or if we are Mr./Mrs. Grace?

Lets paint the picture:

Mrs. Law is the wife who has expectations of her husband (or vice versa). She expects him to be home when he says he will, take out the trash, pick up after himself, pay the bills, help around the house etc. When Mr. Law doesn't always live up to these expectations of his wife, Mrs. Law becomes resentful and bitter because Mr. Law may not be pulling his weight. Mrs. Law leaves the discipline of the children to Mr. Law, as well as the lawn, landscaping and not to mention leader of the family. Mrs. Law expects her husband to listen to her under all circumstances...I think you get the picture.

Mrs. Grace is the wife who ultimately has no expectations of her husband. She doesn't become bitter when she walks in from a hard day of work to a messy home full of clutter. She doesn't become quiet and removed when her husband doesn't arrive home on time and she doesn't even condemn him if he falls short of being a leader of the household. She assumes all chores of the household and never expects Mr. Grace to lift a finger.
Day after day, she walks through the doors to her husband with loving arms wide open and accepting of anything her spouse has to offer, say, think or feel.

How is that for some humbling self examination?

I will tell you that it's often harder to be Mrs. Grace, but what an eye opening experience and metaphor of God's grace for us, for you.
We are loved no matter our sins, trials, tabulations and control issues. It was a great sermon that helped both Joe and I reflect on our actions and understand that we need to be more Mr. /Mrs. Grace for one another.

I enjoyed it, and hope you do too! Happy Monday!
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  1. What a great message! Definitely keen to hear that if you get a chance to post the link!

  2. hehehe...we had a similar sermon recently regarding us "dying" to the law so that we can marry mr. grace instead :)

  3. soo... is there a combination of Mrs. Law and Mrs. Grace that I can be? lol

  4. Ahh thanks for this post. Great thing to think about.