It all started with an old astro van


Seriously friends?! Is my family the only one who names their cars?
Is this another Southern catastrophe I'm walking right into?

We have always named our cars since I was little. It started off with an old Astro Van that squealed in the winter when first started...hence the name squeaker was born.
There there was:
Reggie the Regal
Ruby the Jeep Cherokee
Casper the Dodge Durango
Lilly Pearl the Infiniti
Wild Hog the Harley (dad's)
Scarlet the Honda motorcycle (mom's)
Max the Maxima
RC the old Red Car
Maggie the Mustang
and my care since I was 16, Minnie

I had no idea we had this many cars growing up until I just listed them all here...interesting

Anyway, we had an exciting start to our week because we added a new car to our Aslan family.
My poor little 2002 Nissan Sentra (Minnie) about bit the dust last week and we decided it was time to retire her for something a little safer. That was the only best car I've had and was the proud owner for 9 about MAJOR memories in that car.

I am pleased to introduce you to "Remi", my new 2013 Nissan Rogue.
I am in love and quickly forgot left my guilt behind for trading in my childhood car.

I would LOVE to hear what/if you name your cars!

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  1. Sean tried to name my didn't work out! :)

    I have to say, I LOVE that you say Astro Van too.... I've always said that and it drives Sean insane! I don't call any other vans ____van, but for the Astro, it always felt appropriate.

  2. I had an old Honda Accord called Tony! I totalled him though :( Now I have a Nissan Primera called Samy (he's a he) haha both my cars have been males for some odd reason!

  3. That is such a nice car! I have named my car the beast, so I guess not a real name? But I plan to when I have a new car!

  4. my best friend's honda accord was Serge. and congrats on the new car!!!

  5. Congrats on Remi!! I love it. I have a feeling that I will be trading in my first car (I have a had a Corolla since I was 16, that I call Two-Tone) once we get the first snow fall here.

  6. I name my cars. No one else in the family does... Except Jake now, I make him.

    My first car was a 1994 Toyota Tercel (it's awful, believe me) that was neon blue... really awful. I named her "Blueberry"

    Then, I bought a 2003 Honda Civic, and her name is Bunny!

    Jake had a black Corolla that was "the Black Panther" (I had nothing to with that)

    He now has a gun metal grey Corolla that we are still working on a name for...

    Congratulations on your car! I'm jealous... I want a new car so bad.

  7. Love it!! Congrats on the new car! I know, I have had my Corolla since 2005..and we are talking about upgrading at the end of this year...not gunna lie..I may tear up just a bit.

  8. haha this is the first time I named my car, and her name is Eleanor..because I love that name but Kevin won't let me name our one-day daughter that.

  9. Super excited to have found you through Whitney's blog hop. I lived in Albany for seven yeas and recently moved out, so it'll be nice to live my Albany life vicariously through you (I really do miss it)! I'll be following from Bloglovin'!

    -Lauren @ Going Green: Our Army Adventure

    PS. My car's name is Gene, my husband's car is Molly, & his motorcycle is Lucy.. we love to name things too!

  10. Congrats on the new car, love the name Remi!! My car is a silver PT Cruiser named "Silvey Jr" or "SJ" for short. It didn't have a name until I got my sorority big sis who also had a silver hatchback and her's was named "Silvey" so then she named mine after hers haha!

  11. My car isn't it for me?

    I'm jealous of the Rogue, I love those! But I just might be even more jealous of the 78 degree temp reading in the dash!!! It was hotter than that at 2am here last night! :( Summer has been pretty mild comparatively so far this year, but we've been stuck in the triple digits for a few days!

    I still want to come visit this fall!!

  12. Ok. I TOTALLY name my cars!! Hahaha I am so glad someone else does that too! And your car (and its name ) are ADORABLE!!
    :) Have a great day!
    :) Rebecca

  13. Ah I love naming my cars!
    My first car was an old VW golf, Archie... he got stolen and it broke my heart to think of him in a chop-shop somewhere. Then there was another VW golf, Archie, who I had to leave behind :(

  14. You are too cute in front of Remi!! And I don't normally name my cars, but since Bobby named his new jeep the black stallion, he named my car the grey mare! Wtf?! Haha.