Just between us: Novice to Novice Part I


As I was huffing and puffing through my most recent run I was thinking of the multitude of tips I have learned as a novice runner. Most tips I have stumbled and tumbled through on my own, but I couldn't have made it without the support and tips from fellow runners!

So...if you're thinking of just picking up running out of the blue, here are some tips that you may be interested in reading. From novice to novice. Will I get to drop the novice once I complete my first race? Probably not because I continue to learn things about running and about my abilities every day!

This post will be broken up into a few parts so I don't overwhelm you with knowledge. Today's tips are all about the goods! Since I have jumped back on that out of control bandwagon, I have gone full force. What do I mean by full force? Oh you know a new pair of running shoes, new running socks, new running shirt, shoes laces...you catch my drift? I like to call it motivation!

Must have motivation gear:
  • Good running shoes: I fell in love with the Adidas Energy Boost. These are a neutral shoe with some great cushion. I spiced mine up with a new pair of green shoelaces!

  • Proper running socks: I cannot stress this enough! You WILL get blisters if you run long distance in cotton socks. Cotton does not wick away sweat and causes rubbing and eventual blisters. My favorite are the Asics low cut. they are soft, breathable and have the tabs on the heels to further prevent any pesky blisters

  • Running Shirts: Two words DRI FIT. Another reason to stay away from cotton. as mentioned previously cotton is awful at wicking away sweat. And when running long distances...you sweat.   Like a you know who in you know where...catch it?
  • Head bands: unless you love your locks flapping in your face and then sticking to your face, make sure you have something to hold those tresses back.
  • Cliche armband for imusic device: This seriously saved my life...I resisted for the longest time thinking I didn't need to spend the money on something I could carry. Wrong-o. I feel free without having to run with my phone and key in my hand...yes it carries a key too. I snagged a great deal from Groupon so make sure to check out the bargain stops.

Selfie featuring Dri Fit top, headband and iPhone armband

    Stay tuned as I try and figure more of this running thing out...and you better believe it I'll find some other great gear to help motivate me!

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  1. I agree completely! *looks guilty* Your headbands will be in the mail TOMORROW. I'm so sorry. Things got crazy really quickly around here! :)

  2. wooo! training! I went running tuesday.. haha I'll be better and I promise I won't die in sept!

  3. I need to start running... or ya know, doing ANYTHING. I just hate working out.

  4. all these are so spot on! I need to get myself an armband of some kind...do you use headphones?

    I need to get myself some nice running shoes eventually.

    And I've run two races and still feel like a novice!