Let's get crafty! Monogram Moss Wreath


1. Greenery of your choice
2. 6 inch width ribbon or burlap- I just bought the whole role
3. Grapevine Wreath- This wreath is approximately 2 feet in diameter
4. Wooden Letter- "A" was used for Aslan
5. Modge Podge
6. Floral Moss- I chose the bright green, but they also had a darker variety
7. Floral Wire
8. Pliers and wire cutter

Trim greenery to desired size and attach to wreath using floral wire. Wrap tightly, use pliers if needed.
Form bow. I am bow challenged, so check out this burlap bow tutorial here.
//Seriously! I wasn't a cheer leader, dancer, or gymnast...how the heck am I supposed to know how to tie a bow?//
Attach bow to bottom of wreath with floral wire.
Paint wooden letter with mode podge and cover with as much moss as desired.
Attach Moss letter to top of wreath using floral wire.

I am particularly fond of the floral wire (can you tell?) because I don't have to ruin the wreath with glue and I will be able to use all supplies over and over again!

Ta Da!

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  1. I love it, Casey!! Thanks for the tutorial! =)

  2. This turned out adorable! Love the bow :)

  3. Casey! I found your blog and am your 200th follower :) Yay! So good to meet you and Joe the other night... excited to get to know you two more this year. (Also, super cute project!)

  4. What a lovely wreath! :D I can't wait to get all crafty again!

  5. It came out so adorable! Great job and thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Ok, this is awesome! I never like the wreaths I find on Pinterest because they're too... crafty looking? Ha. I don't know.

    But I really like the moss and all of the details on this one!