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Alright friends, let's be honest...I haven't been the best of bloggers lately.
Actually I've been QUITE the slacker this week, and heck last week too.
To be honest we just haven't been that exciting, and I want to try and stay on the whole theme and mission of my blog in the first place. No adventures lately, thus no adventurous posts. I promise to step it up...after this weekend full of work!

For now, I want to share with you the sweetest Carabox I received this week from my new friend Krista who blogs over at Life Somewhere in the Middle. She is a sweet newlywed who I have loved getting to know this past month. She sure does love her hubby and it makes me happy/proud to be a newlywed. She was the perfect match for me during this month's "lifestyle" themed exchange.

Cara Box

Krsita hit is on the head, and did her homework well by sending me a Fall themed box. I guess it's no secret that I'm overwhelmingly excited about our first Fall in the North East. The event I'm most excited about it apple picking...and now I have the perfect date "kit"! Caramel apple kit, apple bread recipe, apple cider with two sweet mugs.

I also received two precious signs that will fit perfectly in our Texas/Love themed guest room.

Joe's favorite part of the package were the Reese's PB cups. Now if you know me, you know I despise Reese's...yes seriously. And guess what, Krista knew too! What she also knew was that Joe loved them and made sure to include him in the exchange this month. 
Her note was so sweet as well

"As a newlywed we've learned it's all about the husband, so I included this since you said you don't like them, but he does." How cute is she?

And currently my delicious fall apple candle is burning and make our abode that much more "Fall[ie]" can that be a word?

Thanks Krista!

Tienna was my Carabox partner who I sent a gift package to. 
Head over to The Halford's Party of Two + The Dogs, to say hi and see what I gave her!

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  1. How adorable! :) I'm so jealous of your fall candle. I need to get one RIGHT NOW! I am ready for fall! :)

  2. What an awesome box! She did a great job. How fun!