Weekly Wishes...on a Tuesday


It's never to late to make a weekly wishes right? I mean it's only Tuesday, why not?
In order to not set myself up for full blown failure...I'll take this challenge into next week. Deal?

1// Conquer my dreaded ten mile run on Thursday. KT Tape will definitely be in it's near future...stay tuned for a further post on the greatness of KT Tape.
2// Read my Bible every night with Joe. We've slacked this past week and need to jump back into it.
3// Begin operation: we will have family in town in a month and the last of the clutter has got.to.go!

I'm only starting with three wishes for this week...you know wouldn't want to overwhelm myself or anything. Check back in next Tuesday to see what kind of progress has been made.

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  1. Best of luck with your 10 mile run! I'm new to running, and I know how much work that is --- but you can do it! I de-cluttered a few weeks back and it felt amazing. SIX bags of clothing/household items went to Goodwill, and it felt great. Maybe a little extra motivation for you to de-clutter knowing you can help others in need? Good luck this week!!

  2. Clutter itself will take up your week. But I know you've totally got all three of these!

  3. 10 mile run?? Wouldn't dream of it lol. Good luck!

  4. Those are great goals!

    Tagging you in a game on my blog today...

  5. Do not DREAD the 10-mile run! Embrace it! You'll do great :)