Behind the scenes


If you're a seasoned reader around these parts you would know earlier this year I was posting GOBS of wedding pictures and giving you the behind the scenes play by play as to the thoughts and emotions behind our big day.

Like...when I just knew I wouldn't fit into the dress, 30 minutes prior to walking down the aisle
or why I would encourage any bride to ask their photographer to capture a "first look".

Since Joe and I are approaching out 11th month of marriage (thats just CRAZY) and I have recently become "re-infatuated" with our wedding pictures I thought I would share with you another tip that I would recommend to any bride. Have an outfit change! Why?

  • 1. It's the Pinterest/Cool thing to do...can't believe I just said that
  • 2. Your wedding dress WILL weigh 34093485608 pounds and you will be thanking me when you are sweating and it's 110 degrees under all that tule. I promise you this will happen...even if it's snowing and your guests are decked in their most pretentious parkas. Just trust me...
I love, love, loved my "reception dress" it was cute, sassy, and cool (as in temperature). And I got to show off my rocking blue heels like I said, win win. 

And as always all Pictures were taken by the fabulous Stephanie Rose Photography

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  1. I didn't know you changed...I've never seen that dress. I love it and the end picture is so perfect!!

  2. LOVE!!! You two are so adorable :)

  3. That is such a cute ending picture, and a smart idea!

  4. I just want to date both of you. Also I just read the first look post and cried soooo yeaa

  5. Gorgeous shots! That last picture..ahhh! SO adorable!

  6. Cute Dress!!!! I changed into white pants and a really light blueish top at my wedding, but only at the very end! My dress wasn't that heavy so it was ok!

  7. Love that last picture. I didn't have an outfit change, and honestly it never crossed my mind to do one. But it actually sounds like a fantastic idea!