Digital Detox


Starting last week Joe and I decided to have a little "Digital Detox". Turn off the phones, computers, iPad, TV, video game etc. All too often we are caught just sitting on the couch so absorbed in technology that we can go without speaking a few about horrifying.

The Good:
Let's face it, if we didn't have technology you wouldn't be reading this right now. There have been more advances in technology than in any other form of improvement. Think about it...I am still in awe of the technology we take for granted on a daily basis. Case and point:

I have not visited my bank in the past year because of online banking. I can manage my accounts online and on each pay day, I rely on the BofA "ap", take a cute little picture of my check and bam...the money is ready to spend...I still have yet to really digest this phenomenon.

Or how about when I'm running, I can listen to free Music from Pandora and then receive a phone call from Joe and switch to the phone call with the swipe of a finger on a touch screen...NUTS.

The Bad:
Do you remember the days without technology...yes reeeeeach way back in that brain of yours. I remember (thankfully) when I was younger we were thrown outside to play until dark and we weren't allowed to come inside unless we were bleeding or puking. Bathroom and meals were acceptable, but you get the picture. We didn't sit inside with all of the video game and electronics and I certainly didn't have a phone until I was 16. Seems crazy right?

The Ugly:
Technology has become almost and additional appendage. You may be able to relate, but my phone is on me constantly...even at night right beside the bed. For what reason? I have no idea. I guess in case of emergency? Technology has almost become another member of the family, an inanimate object that takes up far too much of our time. Yes, I see that I'm calling the kettle black but I 100% fess up that I'm addicted to my phone/social media/technology. So much that I decided to take a stand against it.

Our first night was a little odd at first. We didn't really know what exactly to do with our time. But it was amazing to unplug, relax and actually have a night of conversation rather than silence as we each sat on either end of the couch "surfing" away on the web. Super unhealthy habit that I'm glad we are attempting to step away from.

What do you do to "unplug" from technology?

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  1. I love this idea. I've really been wanting Jake and I to do this. I feel like we really need to focus on being in the here and now instead of being connected 24/7. Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone but it pales in comparison to time with my husband! :)

  2. It is terrible when I see a couple on a date and both on their phones the WHOLE time. I have heard of families having a basket in the middle of their family table to collect phones before dinner. It is definitely hard and i am guilty of using mine too much. Perhaps I need a detox as well!

  3. Amazing post! Such good thoughts here, friend! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is such a great idea. So many nights my husband and I just go into separate rooms and watch tv, while surfing the internet on our computers or playing games on our Kindles or phones. Whaaaa....soo many devices and we end up not even talking to each other.

  5. We would ditch everything but the TV and have a night of Jeopardy battles, movie watching, board games, etc. Way more entertaining than being attached to the laptops and phones

  6. This would be great every once in awhile. I know there's a dinner game where when you go out with friends to a restaurant everyone puts their phone face down in the middle of the table and whoever reaches for their phone first has to pay the bill! You'd be surprised how hard it is lol

  7. Casey- what a great post! Thank you for this! Ever since my husband started night school, I only get to see him on the weekends, and we usually make every weekend an "unplugged" weekend. It makes our time together more special. It is hard though! How sad is that! I loved this post. =)

  8. This is so funny you wrote this, because it's so similar to a post I wrote today! Well, similar topic, anyway :) Gah, social media is the bane of my existence, BUT I LOVE IT. Great post. Love the experiment. I feel like this would be easier for me than Jordan, but maybe that's just me being optimistic.

  9. LOVE this idea. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Thank god for Friday nights and saturdays! But I have to work on getting into bed before 11pm when Tom (and Lil) are already alseep!

  11. My phone is my friend up here by myself in Indy! But I think me & Bobby are pretty good about staying off the phones when we are together. I can definitely do better tho!!