DIY Mason Jar Terrarium


Yesterday was a sweet, sweet day. I was cancelled from work! Those little surprises in life sure do a crafty soul well.
I was able to vomit decorate everything fall. I know, I know, it's becoming an obsession.

I was also able to do a little crafting that I'm excited to share with you today.
Get excited, this was one easy with a capital "E".

This is the tutorial for a DIY Mason Jar Open Terrarium.
I emphasize open because we will be using succulents.

Step 1:
Collect your supplies//
1 wide mouth mason jar
Small rocks/pebbles 
Cactus & Citrus soil. (This is super important!)
Succulent/plant of choice. I chose a Zebra Cactus which is part of the succulent family

** The reason that it's important to use cactus soil is because it is fast draining, unlike regular potting soil which locks in moisture. Succulents are naturally in a dry environment with lots of sunshine and sparse water resources. We are trying to mimic this climate as much as possible.**
Step 2:
Layer rocks on bottom of mason jar about 1/4 of the way full. Placing rocks at the bottom of the mason jar helps to facilitate irrigation. **Remember succulents don't like to remain drenched.**

Step 3:
Fill jar 1/4 full of cactus soil and separate roots on succulent to promote continuing growth. 
Manhandle that plant, it's ok, they are resilient.
Step 4:
Place plant in top of mason jar so that most of the plant remains outside of jar. 
Pack additional cactus soil around plant to fill jar. 

Ta-Da! Now that was easy with a capital "E" right?
Now get on with your bad self, and don't to forget to Pin this tutorial!

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  1. It does look pretty, and pretty easy! I might be challenged to keep something alive ;)

  2. That looks awesome! :) I'm so excited to try one!

  3. I love this! Definitely might have to give it a try!!!

    I think we need a craft/cooking day! (Or three)

    I miss you!

  4. I love your jar terrarium! I've been obsessing over them lately and I can't wait to start making them after weave next month!!

  5. That is easy, and it turned out so cool!!