DIY Pallet Shelf


Crafty McCraferton over here, sharing with you my most favorite DIY yet!

Meet the Pallet Shelf DIY!
Want to know the real reason it is my favorite DIY?
I did hardly any work to this rugged little gem and thats what makes it so lovable. I didn't need a hammer, saw or even goggles! We were even able to do this project on our apartment balcony. Sshhh don't tell management.

Meet the star of the show. Want to know how to find great pallets? Well you could steal, indefinitely borrow from your local Fresh Market like my fellow Texan friend did, or you can scout out "Free Pallets" on the ever so sketchy Craig's worked well for me. 

Word to the wise...make sure and do a little research on which pallets you may be plucking before putting them in your home. Check out this info to help you make the perfect pallet selection.

Step 1: Sand that puppy down! Although we love the rugged look of pallets, splinters are no one's friend! Sand paper used for wood did the trick. You don't need it baby bottom smooth so just do a once over. **Use gloves to ensure you don't ruin any manicures or delicate skin**

Step 2: Wipe off excess dust from sanding. You won't want all the dust hanging out on your stain paint brush. 

Step 3: Using disposable paint brushes, apply one coat of stain per jar's instructions. We didn't wipe off too much of the stain because we liked the darker color we achieved from leaving the stain on.
The Stain Joe and I used was Min Wax "Red Mahogany 225" Make that two small jars we used since we were not conservative with stain usage/wiping.
Then let pallet dry overnight

Step 4: Using Mix Wax "Fast Drying Polyurethane"and disposable foam brushes,  give pallet clear coat to make it a little classier. Don't mind my wardrobe.
Again, let dry overnight. But don't bring inside to will wake up with a few less brain cells and a killer I've been told.

Step 5: Attach "French Cleat" to back of pallet per directions.
This invention is brilliant! We were able to hang this incredibly heavy pallet in only the drywall. Believe me I was super skeptical at first, but after some research a "French Cleat" is the way to go!

Step 6: Cover pallet in little knick-nacks then stand back and admire your creativity!

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  1. 1. I loveeee this.
    2. I've seen it in action and it's so cute/ I love that I've seen it in action

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! Come help me decorate my house! :)

  3. I love this! I loved it the moment you posted it on IG! I actually sent it to Tony and said, "when we have a home!" It will be our first DIY project :)

  4. That turned out awesome! I love it. My brother made a pallet bench a few weekends ago. You people are so crafty.

  5. What a clever idea! You should check out Kirstie Allsop's homemade home, she is all about up cycling and repurposing - especially pallet boards! The tv show might not be on I the US, but there are various websites and books - it's very good!

  6. I have a pallet waiting for a project and I think it will be this! Love it! And perfect for the new apt! How much is a french cleat and can you just find them at lowe's?

  7. Casey and Joe--you did a beautiful job on this. I love the look and feel. I love the ring bearer bowl too!!!