Are you living your safe dream?


Oh how I wish I was of the spontaneous breed. I wish I could throw all inhibitions into the wind and really reach for my dreams....
What you say, I'm not living my dream?!?!

Well I'm living my "Safe Dream".
I've always wanted to be a nurse but there is just something nagging in my heart saying my creative mind was built for more.
I love bringing joy into peoples lives, and I love when the fruits of my labor are able to bless others.
There are days when I just know deep in my heart that I'm meant to become a creative entrepreneur that I've always dreamed of...but then my brain tells me, it probably wouldn't be "safe".
It could also be that work has been down right rotten lately, and I'm slightly over it....but that's a lot of whining that no one needs to be tortured with.

I always say, I would shoot for my "actual dream" if I only:
had the money
had the time
could afford insurance
knew it would become a success

But, as we all know, we will never have enough money, time or guarantee that anything in this life will turn out as a success and that's just a little winding road called life.
So as I stumble into this world of entrepreneurship I'm excited (to start slow)  to hopefully grow where I could then have nursing as a side job and be able to fully enjoy spending time in healthcare again. But since that's multiple years down the road, I hope you'll stick around to see what I have in store.

Are you living your safe dream?


  1. Kinda reminds me of the email I sent you last night. Always so many, I'd do that if I didn't have to do this and so on. PS are you starting more photography?! What are you venturing into ... do tell Love!!

  2. I am not living a safe dream. I am living on the edge! Getting fired will do that to you. Now I don't know what the crap is going on :)