Behind the Scenes


As Joe and I approach our first wedding anniversary (November 3rd), wedding will basically dominate the blog this week. Hope you all don't mind! I absolutely cannot believe it has been an entire year since the wedding.
It seriously feels like just last weekend I was walking down the aisle to the man of my dreams!

If you're new to these parts, everything Aslan Wedding can be found in the "Behind the Scenes" series.
These posts feature some of the candid and more intimate moments of our wedding, and many stories that just can't be left untold.

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This episode of "Behind the Scenes" features Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Meet the gals of my bridal party. These 5 women have been more than an integral part of my life. They have all been there through the up's an down's and have also been such important mentors in my life. I wouldn't be here today without the support of the amazing gals!

Cati-Maid of honor and younger sister. Ever since we were young we have been planning each other's weddings. I couldn't imagine life without this spunky, optimistic, loving best friend of mine. Even though she is younger, I look up to her in more ways than one!

Daryl- Best friends and inseparable since second grade, Daryl has been my brick wall of support the past 16 years. Through thick and thin we have been each other's constants for as long as I can remember. Even though we have spent the past 6 years apart from one another, the friendship hasn't changed an ounce.

April- My freshman "pot-luck" roommate turned best friend. When we met we were two completely different people, and together we have both achieved and turned into the women we always hoped we could become. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't talk to my "boo boo" and I am so so thankful we became forever roommates so long ago. Couldn't live without this girl!

Ali- My partner in crime and second half. The sweetest person you have ever met, with a heart of gold. As roommates and partners in crime during nursing school, this girl was my strength and backbone. We were able to get through nursing school together and I just know we are secret sisters separated at birth.

Amanda- My pledge sister and co-lover of all things sports. A loyal friend, always keeping you in mind. College would have never been the same without our "peanut".  Love this girl's heart and her determination. College roommates and an important part of our AAAC.

Stay tuned for all things wedding this week!

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  1. awww precious! The first year is ridiculously fast! I don't even understand. And I hear it only gets faster...I mean it does seem like just the other day that Kevin and I were celebrating one year and now we're almost to a year and half! What?! How does this happen?

  2. Love the colors!!! And you looked beautiful!!!

  3. I love you sugar!!! momma

  4. G and I were married almost 3 months ago and it is crazy how the time is flying! You look beautiful! xoxo your newest follower over on bloglovin Kala @